Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

wheeled fire extinguisher
Wheeled dry chemical fire extinguisher

Wheeled fire extinguisher, which shows the quality of being mobile, comfortable and efficient, is becoming more popular these days. Durable wheels mounted on bases of trolley that definitely allows for quick response during emergencies.

Also, they are just as efficient as any high-quality extinguishers. This Wheeled fire extinguisher is handy for all kinds of environments. However, especially useful in large spaces such as warehouses, fuel stores, and factory. Below you will find four types of wheeled fire extinguisher which used for your business.

Dry chemical wheeled fire extinguisher

The dry chemical fire extinguisher has a large scale fire protection you need to covered. Available in three sizes with a choice of three capacity extinguishing agents and three different operational design configurations, the most suitable for your needs protection hazard can accurately select, maximize fire safety your operations.

Designed for the operation one person this unit easily transported through doors and into rough terrain. Derek loop can be added to your choice if you need a vehicle easy transport capabilities. All models can be recharged and meet UL, TC & DOT requirements as appropriate. Certain models have the approval of the US Coast Guard.

Foam wheeled fire extinguisher

Foam wheeled extinguisher designed to fight class A and B fires. Class A those derived from materials such as wood and paper. On the other hand, class B are those that involve flammable liquids. Foam can effectively put out the kind of fire types, making it very useful for offices and other businesses that utilize combustible liquids such as gasoline, paints, solvents, and gasoline. These wheeled foam extinguishers normally available in 50 and 100 liters capacity.

CO2 wheeled fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide is the only extinguishing agent is safe to use for fires involving electrical equipment. Not only are they safe to use, they also not to leave a mess after that don’t like foam and powder. It is ideal to put fire in your business if your business relies heavily on the use of electrical equipment in large quantities. Wheel CO2 extinguishers commonly found in many places of business because almost every type of business operating electrical devices. This safety device, which is also safer to use for class B fires flammable liquids.

Dry powder wheeled fire extinguisher

Dubbed the multi-purpose powder extinguisher used against class A, B, and C fires. Class C are those that come from a flammable gas. A fire extinguisher powder used by so many business owners because of the various fires that can include the type.

The wheeled fire extinguisher has gained the name of the extinguishers go because of efficiency, mobility, and comfort them. During an emergency, when someone heard the smoke alarms sound is active, they can save your valuable time that brings the extinguisher to the scene. In times like these, every second count. You don’t want to waste time dragging heavy extinguishers to the scene. A wheeled fire extinguisher can allow you to act and respond quickly to outbreaks before it gets out of control.