What’s the First Symptom of Being Pregnant

what's the first symptom of being pregnant
What’s the first symptom of being pregnant?

What’s the first symptom of being pregnant? The first symptoms of pregnancy in the first may be a problem for a woman. More often than not, they may not be sure if they are pregnant at all. Another problem is that a woman may not have all the first pregnancy symptoms.

Nowadays, many women essentially missed the early symptoms of pregnancy. They only became aware that they pregnant after they tried to use a home pregnancy equipment or gynecologist after they verify it. Also, the first signs of pregnancy very different from what you go through as a growing week after week pregnancy in each trimester.

Here, what’s the first symptom of being pregnant?

A) mild to moderate spotting

Moderate patches generally occur before a woman’s menstrual period begins. Spotting can also be a sign what’s the first symptom of being pregnant as a start. Because this kind of brownish bleeding and is usually mild to moderate flow just like pre-menstrual spotting. Some women often ignore it as early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

B) Increased body temperature

Such patches, the temperature suddenly rises in the body is also one of the most often miss the symptoms of pregnancy among women. The reason is it also usually occurs during the menstrual period. If the basal body temperature is higher than normal women, then this can be a symptom of pregnancy.

C) Nausea

Nauseous or pain in the morning is one of the most common what’s the first symptom of being pregnant. This basically happens during two weeks of pregnancy. Though nausea and vomiting often occur at any time of the day. This state can be triggered when at least one expects.

D) Missed period

A missed period is the most obvious indication for pregnant women. When this happens, women tend to look for other symptoms of pregnancy or better yet, confirm their condition through reliable home pregnancy kit.

E) Frequent urination

Pregnant women may not see him often went to the comfort room, but other people can easily see this, thus, an indication of pregnancy. This symptom occurs because the uterus starts to swell and pressure on the bladder eventually happen.

F) Tender breasts and nipples

Soft and swollen breasts and nipples a sign of menstrual bleeding. But it also could be an indication that a woman might be pregnant. A woman may look like pain during sleep, exercising, and even while clothed. Also, to the pain and soreness of the breasts as possible signs of pregnancy, a woman may also notice that her nipples were dark in color.

G) fatigue or tiredness

All of a sudden feeling of tiredness or fatigue also one of the early signs of pregnancy. A woman can tell if she is pregnant when she easily becomes tired and exhausted even after doing little activity at all.

It is only seven of the many early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Because the symptoms described above may be the clearest indication for pregnant women, one should confirm the pregnancy consultation gynecologist soon. Keep in mind that not all of what’s the first symptom of being pregnant applied to every woman. Therefore, travel to the physician can definitely save one from the complex of the possibility of pregnancy.