What to Avoid After Botox?

what to avoid after botox
What to avoid after Botox treatment?

What to avoid after Botox? After treatment is very critical when it comes to Botox injection. It is something that many people overlook. If you don’t take care of yourself properly, then many things can happen. You can cancel the work that has done which means you need another treatment is expensive. You can also prevent the self-healing quickly. It is not always about doing certain things that can help the process, but do not do the things that can slow down the overall process or ruin your face. Here some activity you must concern after getting Botox treatment.

What to avoid after Botox injection?

1. It recommended not to sleep down for 3-4 hours after Botox injection. Because lying flat may make a shift of gravity through the orbital cavity Botox side effects like droopy eyelids Ophthalmology. Also, putting the make on venous blood vessels of the head engorged and causes more swelling immediately after injection.

2. It is safe to travel immediately after the injection of Botox, but the differential pressure in the cabin may increase bruising in the area injected. Additionally, bend to pick up a piece of Luggage during the first hour or lie down during the flight may cause Botox to spread causes unwanted side effects, so it is wise to perform treatments at least one day before departure.

3. Suggested a break from incriminating on the same day that the Botox treatment achieved. Exercises activities increasing blood pressure can affect Botox diffusion to the surrounding structures. During the first hour after injection, Botox cells migrate to and settle in the area where it is injected so wait for 24 hours to prevent side effects and create better results.

4. Post Botox or Dysport treatment, gently washing with cold water or warm is ok, but a long shower or time in the sauna can cause redness and improve blood circulation in that area may increase bruising and swelling in the area injected.

Bad Botox aftercare-what to avoid after Botox?

It is probably exceeding the case against these actions, but if you’ve never get Botox treatment before and would like to take all reasonable precautionary measures what to avoid after Botox that you can, you will avoid a few things.

1. Rub the Botox injections area is harmful for the first few hours. This condition includes types of massage so that the face will have to wait. The reason for this is to minimize the risk of diffusion. Also, cause Botox spread to other muscles – specifically, eyelid.

2. You advised waiting one day before taking part in any activity that is heavy. Any activity that causes increased heart rate will increase blood flow to the operated area, which is bad for two reasons.

First, because of the risks of moving to the Botox-and influence-of other muscles. And second, because you want to Botox composed for customers after their stay at places on the treated area for maximum effect. Spread some other areas can interfere with your results.

3. Try not to be too hot for the same reasons above the heat will raise your blood pressure. So there is no Sauna, sundeck or bathtub/shower in the first few hours after the treatment. It is better to avoid excessive caffeine for the first 24 hours as well.

What should I do besides what to avoid after Botox

You can smoothly exercise the muscles in the Botox injections area. Just drag the expression on your face naturally. This state will help the muscle its way to the Botox work. Also, there is not much you can do to help to Botox do its job. It’s time to wait for completion must take 4-6 day. But there are some things you can do to help your face heal faster. Maybe there will be some swelling after treatment. Very soft ice packs applied to the Botox injections area can reduce this swelling a bit faster. This action can also help with bruises.