What not to Do after Botox Injection?

What not to do after Botox? Botox procedure is often chosen as an alternative to the face lift procedure and other plastic surgery. Botox is inevitable to be injected into the muscles that regulate facial expressions. But, there is some procedure to prevent Botox disadvantage.
what not to do after botox
What not to do after Botox and fillers?
“There are two kinds of Botox, the type A and type B. But, that used to beautification is type A,” Professional Botox says. The specialist argues Botox is a safe procedure. “His nature is reversible could return to its original position. Then, Botox absorbed through fluids and discarded in a matter of a few months, “he said.
However, there are some things to consider before deciding on treatment with Botox injection. Botox injection can cause facial skin so a bit bruised. So, you must avoid what not to do after Botox injection. “It’s because of the injection on vascular smooth. Side effects while injecting Botox is reddish bruises. But don’t worry, bruising it will heal. The delicate blood vessels that will shut down again, “he said.

What not to do after Botox treatment?

Avoid things that are not desirable after the injected Botox, Here are some of the activity that you must evade on injection area:
1. Landing place
If you are not satisfied with your results, talk with your doctor about what you want. The specialist wants to make sure that each patient proud and happy with the way they look.
2. Facial treatment:
The next what not to do after Botox in forehead is Facial treatment. Along with chemical peels can bother your Botox injections, causing it to end up with unintended results. Plan to do this procedure at least one day after receiving Botox injection.
3. Massage:
It is very important to avoid massaging the Botox injection area within one day after your therapy. Botox injection thus granted to achieve the sought effect and massaging it can cause tissues to move.
4. Blood thinner:
The next what not to do after Botox is consuming blood thinner medicines. Aspirin should avoid because they can cause the blood to thin and cause excess bleeding. Depending on how fast you recover, aspirin recommended avoided during two days after Botox injection

5. Bad position sleep

It recommended avoiding the horizontal position after your Botox injection. Also, when you go to sleep in the days immediately after your therapy, try sleeping on your back is to have the best results.
After Botox treatment, the next what not to do after Botox is avoiding heavy activity. You should be able to return to your regular exercise regimen is usually after a few days, but some people take it easy for up to a week after Botox.
7. Trip:
It is very important to stay in touch with and within the reach of doctors after Botox injection for laugh lines. In that way, if you get any unexpected side effects, you will be able to visit doctors quickly.
“The specialist will touch up a little, here and there so that the polishing result better. Face so completely symmetrical. Three days after the injection it there might be less symmetrical face parts. Then, the doctor will try to inoculate the face left and right balance is possible, “he said.