What is Lupus Symptoms?

what is lupus symptoms
What is lupus symptoms?

What is lupus symptoms? Lupus is a disease that is very complicated which attacked the immune system itself. This disease occurs when the immune system mistakes some part of our body as foreign substances and therefore the attack rather than protecting it. Also, there are many things one must know about this disease. These are the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and ways to stay healthy.

The joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, brain and blood vessels are a part can be affected by lupus. The most common indications of Lupus are fatigue, inflammation of the joints, extremely high fever, red rash and kidney problems.

There are five types of lupus, namely:

Lupus Krista
This lupus affects the skin. People with lupus will have this kind of a red rash and lift that will occur over the next days or weeks at a time.

Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus
This lupus cause lesions on the body part that is usually under the Sun. This lupus does not cause scarring.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE
this affects many parts of the body. These symptoms can be mild and severe and usually affects people in 15-45 years.

Neonatal lupus
this type of Lupus rarely affects women who have babies SLE and other diseases.

The cause of lupus

Causes of lupus are unknown yet. However, it believed to caused by Genetics, environment, and hormones. The following factors below researched to know if researchers can also cause lupus:
-Viruses and other infectious agents

The immune system of people with lupus creates autoantibodies that attack the joints and organs, not protect it. One of the autoantibodies is Anti-nuclear antibodies. The cause of lupus is still largely unknown, and compounding obscurity is that every patient showed different symptoms.

What is lupus symptoms?

Symptoms of Lupus is most common in all patients with arthritis, identified types of fever, severe fatigue, malar rash and sensitivity to sunlight. Also, there is hair loss, mouth ulcers, anemia, chest pain, headache, depression, and seizures.

Organs that can affect:

The heart can have inflammation if exposed to lupus. This inflammation will lead to chest pains and other symptoms of Lupus. Then, Nephritis will occur in Kidneys with no pain. In some situations, the patient’s ankle will swell. If The Center nerve symptoms attacked, it would cause the symptoms that occur in the head.

People with lupus that attack the blood vessels will tend to have vasculitis affecting blood circulation. If the blood struck, people could have leukopenia and thrombocytopenia anemia and normal blood clotting. If the lungs attacked, it would cause pleuritis also causing symptoms such as chest pain and respiratory problems.

What is lupus symptoms in pregnant women?

Lupus Symptoms in women will place themselves at high risk if he plans to get pregnant. He can have a miscarriage and premature birth. A woman planning to become pregnant should not have signs of lupus or take medication for six months before he planned to get pregnant.