What is Botox Used for other than Cosmetic?

what is botox used for
What is Botox used for on the face?

What is Botox used for other than cosmetic? Botox has known as the most famous cosmetic therapies used on the women and men. This procedure could be due to the direct results, effectiveness, how long it lasted or even simple treatment of the Botox therapies. However, correcting wrinkles and tightens the muscles of the face is not the only thing that Botox can do. According to global analysis, Botox is the chemicals that created from the same bacteria that causes botulism, which can work effectively to disease and muscle pain, even migraine.

What is Botox used for in medicine?

It’s true. Botox has proven to have an impressive effect on the migraine. The National Headache Foundation affirms that more than 33 million Americans suffered from migraines, most of which have been experiencing from or have diagnosed with migraines. People with chronic migraines may have to bear the pain such as headaches for 12 or more days of the month, which can be exhausting for individuals. Although there is no clear determination to test a migraine. It easy to identify by the severity of the patient’s pain continually felt.

Unfortunately, many of these patients left with no other choice but to endure the pain because there is no medicine for the migraine, but thanks to Botox and many other treatments, it is very likely that such use can considerably minimize the effects. The use of Botox has been approved by the FDA for the what is Botox used for a migraine and the treatment of muscle disorders. It believed that Botox has a profound effect on the remedy of a migraine by blocking neurotransmitters that can act as a signal of pain throughout the body.

Botox injections procedure

During Botox procedure, patients will sit through 31 injections in seven separate locations and muscle groups in 3 different places: the head, shoulders, and the neck. By doing what is Botox used for medicines most neurotransmitters from areas where most of the pain comes it blocked. It provides patients with a sense of relief for some time.

Although what is Botox used for medicine can be repeated, some patients make a tolerance to drugs. Botox can sometimes be more powerful as it continued use. Many migraine patients can feel like they have no other choice but to suck the illness. But fortunately enough, the results of Botox injections as a migraine medication can make their days much peaceful to enjoy.

Here, what is Botox used for other than cosmetic

1. Face contouring
Botox used to slim and shape the face. Botox injections placed to give a smooth and feminine jaw so that the face develop contours of an oval.

2. Skin regeneration
The injection of Botox into the superficial layers skin provides some benefits. Facial pores reduced in size then gives the skin matte and improves skin texture.

3. Sweat restriction
Excessive sweating is a problem for some women. This state due to abnormal sweat glands and controlled by injections of Botox to the armpit.

4. Balancing the face
This procedure used by physicians to cope with the problem of asymmetry of women face, where the facial features not balanced. Botox can restore the balance of beautiful face and enhance your look.