What are The Very First Signs of Pregnancy?

what are the very first signs of pregnancy
What are the very first signs of pregnancy after conception?

What are the very first signs of pregnancy? Having your first baby is an interesting time in the woman life. If you have been trying to get pregnant, you should pay attention to the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. There is really only one way to know for certain that you are pregnant, but there are some symptoms that will send you to a physician to find out for sure.

Early symptoms of pregnancy can mimic symptoms of pre-menstrual. While you may feel you have a particularly bad dose of PMT, you might even realize that you are pregnant. Some women experience pregnancy symptoms within just a few days after conception. Others experience none at all until a couple of weeks of pregnancy.

What are the very first signs of pregnancy

Missing period/light spotting instead of the period: while there are many reasons for missing a period, this is a classic sign of pregnancy and one that should be followed by a pregnancy test.

Extreme fatigue: because your body will go through many changes, you can sense very weak.

Swollen belly and breast: change your hormones can cause swelling of the area, but they can also occur with hormonal changes in relation to your regular period.

Women undergo pregnancy symptoms in the various phases. It is not necessary that they will experience all symptoms pointing toward pregnancy. Some lucky woman may feel an simply early symptom of pregnancy, in the form of a missed period.

The rest what are the very first signs of pregnancy may follow later. Early stage pregnancy symptoms can vary from person to person and should not stand alone confirm your pregnancy. To follow is a list of symptoms of early pregnancy that can help you conclude you are pregnant, which can be the most important period and joy in your life.

Implantation bleeding:

Implantation bleeding is one of what are the very first signs of pregnancy. About eight days after fertilization, the embryo embeds itself toward the uterine surface.

Delay in menstruation:

The delayed period is the most popular pregnancy symptoms attending a woman to test for pregnancy. When you become pregnant, the next time you have to lose. Many women bleed while they pregnant, but usually, the bleeding will be lighter than the regular period.

Tender breasts:

Tender breasts a sign of pregnancy that may begin as early as 1-2 weeks after fertilization. Women may notice changes in their breasts as a tender to touch, pain, or swelling.

Other what are the very first signs of pregnancy after conception to look out for is exhaustion and fatigue. You may feel tired most of the time and you will find it hard to get out of bed when you wake up because of all the changes in your body and increase your hormone levels you have. Just try to have at least a 15-minute NAP each time.

Flatulence as one of what are the very first signs of pregnancy

Some women undergo a feeling of abdominal enlargement, but only a small number of weight in the first trimester. In the early stages of pregnancy weight gain of approximately one pound per month. Sometimes women also feel mild stomach pains throughout the early weeks of pregnancy, which similar to restrictions that happen during a menstrual period.