What are The Symptoms of Spinal Meningitis?

what are the symptoms of spinal meningitis
What are the signs and symptoms of spinal meningitis?

What are the symptoms of spinal meningitis? The spinal cord and the brain surrounded by a layer of membrane called the meninges. There are three layers of the meninges in the region, to ensure the proper protection for the brain and the spinal cord. Spinal meningitis is a severe disease that affects the membrane of the meninges. As a result, infection occurs in the meninges, and the disease spread to the spinal fluid. This state is a disease that is very contagious. The elderly at a higher risk of obtaining this disease than younger adult groups because they have weak immune systems.

So, what are the symptoms of spinal meningitis?

The characteristics of spinal meningitis in adult victim are slightly different from that of the children. Some of the key symptoms observed in adults that explained below. Symptoms of either form of meningitis include:

Neck pain and stiffness
Decreased levels of consciousness.
Skin rash.

Infants, young children, adults, and people with other medical conditions may not have the usual symptoms of meningitis.

The cause of what are the symptoms of spinal meningitis

Spinal meningitis categorized as a non-bacterial and bacteria. Meningitis bacteria referred to as festering meningitis known as meningitis aseptic. Spinal meningitis in adults mostly triggered by a bacterial attack. There are two types of bacteria, which is responsible for causing this disease. They are Streptococcuspneumoniae and Neisseria meningitidis. Streptococcuspneumoniae bacteria attack the upper respiratory tract infection and cause the first does not. Then it gets into the bloodstream and spread the marrow which attacked the meninges. Neisseria meningitidis protective membranes meninges strikes directly.

Treatment for what are the symptoms of spinal meningitis

Spinal meningitis is not the same as ordinary fever can be treated with over the counter medications. It diagnosed with the help of its symptoms, physical examination of the patient and a series of laboratory tests. Lumbar puncture is one of the key laboratory tests confirm the presence of an infection in the body. For this, a sample of spinal fluid taken out by inserting a needle into the spine and then tested for the disease.

Blood tests and blood culture as well as x-rays, and CT scans done to his diagnosis. Antibiotics used for the treatment, which given either orally or intravenously. If the patient’s health condition is severe, the doctor chose the intravenous administration of medicines. Accompanied by a steroid medicine can bring down what are the symptoms of spinal meningitis and thus preventing the type of damage to the brain and spinal cord. Fluid infusions given keep the sufferers hydrated, which is important to reduce swelling in the brain.

Although spinal meningitis a serious problem, the patient can be cured completely with timely care. Typically, the recovery time is about two weeks. However, if treatment delayed, the blood vessels in the brain may get blocked and cause permanent damage to the brain. Sometimes, it can also be fatal. Therefore, consult your doctor with a slight delay what are the symptoms of spinal meningitis.