What are The Symptoms of Hepatitis C?

what are the symptoms of hepatitis c
What are the symptoms of hepatitis C?

What are the symptoms of hepatitis C? Hepatitis C virus (HCV) liable to cause acute or chronic liver disease hepatitis C transmission occurs only through blood. The virus remains dormant in the liver causing chronic inflammation. After infected hepatitis C virus, people may not show signs of infection. Sometimes people infected with hepatitis C and would not even know over the years. There is two main types of hepatitis C, acute and chronic hepatitis. When a person’s heart gets inflamed all of a sudden, it is called acute, and when inflammation does not leave you, it’s called chronic hepatitis.

So, what are the symptoms of hepatitis C?

This condition is the State of asymptomatic which very few people showed any symptoms. Also, personalities show what are the symptoms of hepatitis C if they symptoms light and miss after a few hours or days. Life threatening effects never happened at this stage, and millions of people keep up with everyday survival without knowing that they infected with this illness.
Though rarely observed, symptoms include:
The exhaustion general of the body.
Mild joint pain.
The flu
Stool is grayed out

Hepatitis C symptoms during the chronic phase

After six months with HCV, the condition turns into what is called Chronic Hepatitis C. It does show what are the symptoms of hepatitis C immediately and in some people, it can take years for one of the following symptoms to develop.
The exhaustion general of the body.
Constant nausea.
An increase in depression.
Painful joints.
Mild cognitive problems in patients.
Skin rashes.
Stomach or abdominal pain.
The severe fever.
Abdominal pain

The cause of the hepatitis C

Use of syringes for intravenous medication
Tattoos can also contribute to the spread of HCV.
Manicure, share a razor blade, and a toothbrush can lead to hepatitis C infection.
Sometimes, people cannot develop into chronic liver disease, but if he infected by a virus, he carried the virus for life. Thus, he can transmit the virus to others during his lifetime.

What are the symptoms of hepatitis C treatment involves:

1. Make lifestyle changes to help prevent further damage to your liver and reduces the risk of spread of infection
2. Taking one or more medicines to fight viruses
You usually have to take medications for seven up to fifty weeks. The time frame will depend on proper medicines you take and the version hepatitis C virus you have. Your physician will tell you about it.
3. There are six primary exertions of the HCV. In the United States, the most common strain known as genotype one and three genotypes.
During treatment, you should have a blood test to check whether your medication is working.

The simple preventive steps

These are home remedies that available for this condition. But you can prevent this by following a few simple instructions. Avoid using syringe with other people. If donating blood asking for fresh needles, opened right in front of you. Have a healthy way to live with the included diet and exercise routines. Get a routine check-up to avoid complications.