What are the Symptoms of COPD?

what are the symptoms of copd
What are the symptoms of COPD?

What are the symptoms of COPD? The ALA publishes that more than ten million people in the United States have the COPD, and another 23 million have the disease without knowing it. COPD patients plagued with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma in some cases. Common symptoms of COPD include shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, respiratory infections, and chronic cough.

So, what are the symptoms of COPD?

Symptoms of COPD divided into stages. The following data gives the signs observed in men as well as women.

Mild shortness of breath and cough
Severely limited airflow
Weight loss
Extreme fatigue
Loss of mental and physical activity
A severe cough more frequently
Increased mucus and phlegm production

Symptoms may vary according to the cause of the disease. If the lungs, wheezing, tightness in the chest that observed. Presents symptoms such as chronic bronchitis, chronic cough with yellow sputum that can last for two years.

The cause of COPD

After we know what are the symptoms of COPD, and we aware of this condition is a result of long-term exposure to the irritant and entered into the system through the air. Talking about smoking, more often than not, it came out as the most common cause of COPD. If ten people with this disease considered, then it is likely for 9 of them have been or are long-term smokers.

Chemicals in tobacco smoke damage the lining of the airways in the lungs, so they are inflamed. And extend the Smoke eventually damage airways, which is irreversible. Individuals who exposed to passive smoking also remain equally vulnerable to developing this condition is incurable. People who are always getting exposed to airborne irritants such as grains, coal, smoke, dust and other chemicals, which are also at risk, even if they are non-smokers.

Treatment for COPD

After knowing what are the symptoms of COPD above, there was no cure for COPD, but care does not make the symptoms more bearable, and conditions to slow in progress.

First and foremost the size to do in treatment is avoidance of Smoking for good. Doing this will keep your lungs from the full damage and patients from losing the ability to breathe. Though, quitting smoking is not easy, especially for those who have to smoke for a long time. So consulting a doctor for the same thing would be a wise step to take.

While patients are trying to quit smoking, it may be advisable to take certain medications. There are two classes of medications Bronchodilators and corticosteroid. It given to help patients breathe. Also, because the conditions get aggravated by a bacterial infection such as pneumonia, and influenza. The doctor also choose to provide patients with antibiotics.

Also, the patient may require doing oxygen therapy if they have persistent low levels of oxygen in their blood. Pulmonary rehabilitation remedy also included in treatment. These include education about the condition, the exercises that dedicated to the lungs, and nutrition advice. Surgery may carried out when conservative treatment methods do not prove useful in reducing or managing the symptoms.