What are The Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

what are the symptoms of breast cancer
What are the symptoms of breast cancer in females?

What are the symptoms of breast cancer? The most common type of breast cancer in women who referred to DCIS, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Then, the term “in situ” refers to cancer cells have not moved from a system where they begin to grow. With DCIS cancer cells develop in the milk ducts in the breast and found before they have a chance beyond the channel. DCIS is noninvasive ductal carcinoma and usually found during regular mammography due to calcification spots can appear. If these spots appear, then the next step is a biopsy.

Although women health organizations advise women to massage the breast every day to feel any bumps, it may be a long time before cancer cells gain enough for us to feel it. Then, it already may be too late.

So, what are the symptoms of breast cancer?

In the tests themselves, women can feel and see the following symptoms of breast cancer:
1. Swelling in the armpit
2. Regular breast pain
3. Nipple discharge
4. Pain in the nipple
5. Swelling or lump in the breast
6. Inverted Nipple
7. Scaly on nipples

What are the symptoms of breast cancer seen in breast imaging?

The following symptoms detected on breast imaging:
1. Solid mass with tapered outline
2. Micro-Calcification in tight groups

Symptoms of breast cancer (metastatic) follow-up:

At this stage, cancer cells spread outside the breast and underarm lymph nodes to other parts of the body. So, what are the symptoms of breast cancer occur at this grade is:
1. Decreasing appetite
2. Unintended weight
3. Pain of bone
4. Shortness of breath
5. Nerve pain

Inflammatory breast cancer and its symptoms:

Inflammatory breast cancer, a lump doesn’t appear in this aggressive breast cancer, cancer cells develop in the piece instead of the lump and gradually invaded near the skin, like a rash.
1. Breast skin ulcers
2. A sudden increase breast size adult
3. excessive Breast is warm to the touch
4. Unusual pain, which occurs from the regular cycle
5. Sometimes changes the texture of the skin

Preventive for breast cancer in women

To prevent breast cancer, every woman should include these foods in her diet:
1. The fruits of berries
All berries fruit rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that can reduce the formation of cancer cells in the body.
2. Flax seed
These seeds are available as whole beans and ground flax seed. Then it has rich in Omega 3, Lignan and fiber that the protective shield around cancer cells to stop their development.
3. Garlic
It has allium that can slow tumor growth and inhibit the risk for what are the symptoms of breast cancer. However, add garlic to your meals or swallow a day or two to keep breast cancer at Bay.

4. Pomegranate fruit
It recommended for the prevention of breast cancer. Also, it’s got the polyphenols-ellagic acid that stops the growth of cancer. Including this delicious fruit in your diet and discover the amazing health benefits.
5. Green tea
Drinking green tea daily decreases the incidence of this disease. However, it contains phytochemicals that have tremendous health benefits.

In above some great food to prevent the development of what are the symptoms of breast cancer. Then, if you are already facing breast cancer symptoms you can see a doctor at the hospital.