What are The Symptoms of Autism?

what are the symptoms of autism
What are the symptoms of autism?

What are the symptoms of autism? Autism is a brain growth disease that causes problems in social interaction, communication and General behavior of children affected. Early signs of autism can observe as soon as the age of six months. In many cases, children may not show symptoms in childhood and began to deteriorate later.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Signs and symptoms of autism which usually become observable at an early age. It covers a broad spectrum of symptoms, although autistic each child will show a unique mix of this behavior, from mild symptoms to severe.Here, some symptoms of autism:

1. Ways that are unique and wonderful toys to play with, like a coating of them only in a certain way.
2. Not being able to imagine.
3. Obsession with objects of unusual.
4. Repetitive body movements
5. Difficulties with verbal communication and non-verbal communication
6. Not able to make friends and prefers to play alone.

However, each child develops at his own pace; some may develop quicker than others, so you should consider evaluation if either of the following symptoms will see:

1. Children do not start saying single words at the age of 16 months.
2. Children do not begin to say two-word phrase at the age of 2 years.
3. Children have lost all social skills.
4. Children avoid eye contact as much as possible.
5. Children did not coo when he was one year old.
6. This is not a movement in the form of a point or wave at the age of one year.

Treatment for Autism

If we did not know what are the symptoms of autism, living with adults or older children who have autism can be difficult as they are solitary and do not express their emotions. However, the help and support of a family member close to assist people in living a normal life.

Before seeking any treatment, it is essential to diagnose what are the symptoms of autism or only a lack of social skills. If a person shows signs stand out such as the lack of communication, the difficulty in making eye contact, get tense when touched, avoiding social life, he may have autism.

There are no conventional therapy programs that can be used uniformly in all cases. Treatment of autism consists of practice which can be different from person to person. Speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social skills therapy, behavior therapy are some common therapies used to treat autism in children and adults. One of these or a combination used to help people overcome difficulties.

If a close family member who is suffering from this disorder, you should try to understand what are the symptoms of autism and support him. Go to direct treatment therapies can be helpful in overcoming the symptoms of autism for the most part.

Although there was no cure found for autism yet, but there are many treatments designed to bring increased substantially. But the best medicine that can be used for autistic children to shower her with lots of love and affection.