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The Most Common Symptoms of a Stroke | ActiveBeat Lyric

2 2. Weakness A sudden loss of strength in the muscles of the face, arm, leg—even if it’s just temporary—can signal an oncoming stroke.
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14 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Stroke FAST (Mini, … Lyric

FAST is an acronym that helps people recognize stroke signs and symptoms such as face drooping, arm weakness, and speech difficulty that signal that it’s time to call
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10 Symptoms of a Stroke – Page 2 of 10 – Facty Health Lyric

A stroke occurs when the blood flow to a particular area of the brain is blocked or cut off. When brain cells are deprived of oxygen, they start to deteriorate and die. Usually, the bodily functions and limbs connected to that part of the brain start to malfunction. Muscle control and sometimes memory are lost.
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Stroke Warning Signs and Symptoms – Stroke Association Lyric

Learn the stroke warning signs and symptoms today. Time lost is brain lost.
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Knowing These 12 Symptoms of a Stroke Can Save Your … Lyric

12 Symptoms of a Stroke. Stroke symptoms depend on the part of the brain affected by the shutdown of blood supply. Knowing the signs of a stroke can mean the difference between getting medical attention quick enough to prevent severe damage and a life of disability. 1. Pain on One Side of the Face
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