What are Symptoms of Leukemia?

what are symptoms of leukemia
What are symptoms of leukemia?

What are symptoms of leukemia? Most people consider Leukemia as the blood cancer. This answer is partly right, but it’s much more than that. It started in the tissue that produces blood, resulting in abnormal white cells. It does not die like normal blood cells also performs it difficult to do their jobs. Abnormal white cells called Leukemia cells and if they keep crowding out healthy cells and platelets causes the sudden death of the sufferer.

Then, what are symptoms of leukemia?

Symptoms of chronic leukemia are invisible in the early stages. However, the disease itself consists of three stages:

1. Chronic phase: at this early stage CML, the body may not show any symptoms of the disorder. Some people may experience symptoms including night sweats, fever, fatigue, etc. Most people will tend to ignore what are symptoms of leukemia something serious and therefore writes them. This stage lasts for many different time periods from a few months to even years.

2. Accelerated phase: this is the second stage, that someone will reach when CML not diagnosed at the first stage. At this grade, the white blood cells begin to grow fastly, which can be very harmful to people. Some of the signs that seen in personalities who carry the infection fever, pain in the bones and joints of the body and also swollen spleen on testing, which is a natural result. The hatred swells up because in this phase the bone marrow filled with white blood cells that overflow from the bone marrow and the spleen.

3. Blast crisis stage: this stage caused by rapidly expanding the number of attacks white blood cells that go undiagnosed in the second stage. In this stage, the bone marrow to fail completely due to more than 31% of blood cells in it develop white blood cells. Unfortunately, it has the most prominent symptoms. These include:

Easy bruising
Abnormal blood clotting
Excessive bleeding
Increased susceptibility to infection

The cause of the leukemia

The cause of leukemia is unknown; However, experts believe that certain factors may trigger this condition. They are:
Excessive radiation exposure
Workplace exposure to certain chemicals

Treatment for leukemia

There are many types of treatment for what are symptoms of leukemia, especially depending on the kind. Age also plays a factor in treatment, and whether or not the Leukemia cells are present in the liquid resulting from a spinal tap. The main treatment is targeted therapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, stem cell or bone marrow transplantation and radiotherapy. Early diagnosis is critical, something that can be very difficult in chronic Leukemia.

Do exercise to stay fit and healthy so that our bodies continue to do their jobs effectively, but there is no guarantee that we will not develop Leukemia at some stage.

The choice of treatment only to CML, once diagnosed by a complete blood count (CBC) that will separate the number of blood cells, is a lifetime of medications or a bone marrow transplant. Therefore, if you feel what are symptoms of leukemia above, please visit a physician immediately. So that medical help can obtain at the beginning.