What are Symptoms of a Stroke?

what are symptoms of a stroke
What are symptoms of a stroke?

What are symptoms of a stroke? In addition to cancer and heart disease, stroke is the third leading cause of death. An estimated 1/5 of all stroke victims died as a direct result of a stroke or other complications of it. Stroke generated by cholesterol build up in arteries and high blood pressure. In other words, if cholesterol is a building in the artery that blocks the circulation of blood in any part of the body causes oxygen to not sent to the brain. It is resulting in some of the cells in the brain die and do not reproduce, then we have a stroke.

SO, what are symptoms of a stroke?

Here are some of the symptoms of stroke:

1. A severe headache
It ranks among the most common complaints of local pain and may often be for many people. But all of a sudden severe headache caused by an early symptom of heart disease.

2. Loss of balance
If the cells of the brain get damaged in the results of running out of oxygen will cause dizziness and loss of balance.

3. Difficulty in standing
Sudden difficulty in standing was the early signs of a stroke. Also, it is a result of the narrowing of arteries and high blood pressure.

4. Sudden confusion
This state generated by low levels of oxygen in the cerebral Cortex that affects your ability to think with the regular speed. Also, it caused by lower blood sugar, such as diabetes.

5. Have problems speaking
Have problems speaking and understanding occur when brain cells in Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area start to die.

Risk factor and causes of what are symptoms of a stroke.

More people had the disorder at an early age, and the reason may be due to an increased number of risk factors. The stroke was once worried parents to have become more concern for the middle of the middle-aged.

Risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure who have all risen in this age group who have pushed for greater risk of stroke. Ironically, the figures for the first stroke have decreased in older patients. For white patients, the risk of stroke was down five at age five while it’s down at the age of sixty-six for all other races. Black and white patients see a higher risk the first stroke to the younger age groups with two groups of more than doubling their number.

Treatment for what are symptoms of a stroke

1. A happy life
Studies show that people with depression have an increased risk of what are symptoms of a stroke.

2. Doing sport exercise
Regular moderate exercise will help to improve the circulation of blood flow and reduces the risk of stroke caused by clogged blood vessels by 20%.

3. Healthy Diet
Uncontrolled diet is high in saturated fat, and trans fat cholesterol results building on the arteries and veins hinders blood flow and damage the brain cells due to lack of oxygen that caused a stroke.

4. Stop smoking
Cigarettes contain a lot of toxic and heavy metal that causes blood clotting in the artery which resulted in a stroke.

The best method to be safe is to know what are symptoms of a stroke. This step will reduce the amount of damage done if a stroke.