Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

wet chemical fire extinguisher
Wet chemical class f fire extinguisher

Wet chemical fire extinguisher uses suitable for class F & class A fires. Range from fire extinguishers specialists in case of fire caused by cooking fats and oils. Fire extinguishers such as water, foam and the powder not good for class K fires. Then, the carbon dioxide put out great cooking fires but very dangerous because it can cause serious damage by this pressure.

By knowing wet chemical powder fire extinguisher may ask you to realize that you need one in your home or workplace. Many people and working asking, “How does a wet chemical fire extinguisher work?” The answer which will be described below.

How wet chemical extinguisher works?

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher contain potassium solution that effectively attacks the fire in two methods:

The first mist cools fire and lowers the temperature to stop the spread of fire, also prevents splashing of hot oil/fat. Both potassium salt reacts with hot oil and causes saponification process, covering the surface of cooking oil in the soapy foam and acts as a barrier between the fats and oils.

This agent alkaline by nature and only registered agents for extinguishing fires in the portable wet chemical fire extinguisher. Because of their ability to maintain a layer of frothy enough to allow complete cooling. Also, these chemicals pose a threat the minimal damage to wet heat equipment.

Why you need a wet chemical fire extinguisher class?

One of the principal reasons cooking oil fires must not be able to dispense with a normal dry chemical fire extinguisher is the high temperature that happens in the kitchen area. Dry chemical fire extinguishers will not reduce oil temperatures and can make the fire spread to other area or give a bad risk to firemen.

Wet chemical fire extinguisher agent specifically created to dispense with high-temperature cooking oil above 690 F, like the kind used in kitchen catering, Restaurant, etc. Also, anywhere that uses big fat in a frying pan and cooking oil.

Wet chemical fire extinguisher specifications

Wet chemical fire extinguisher information easily identifiable by their Yellow Label. Their main body should be red, to match British Standards, and it must have a large yellow banner at the top of the extinguisher on the front with wet chemical identity word.
Wet chemical fire extinguisher produced to BS EN 3 should have a red color on the body(RAL 3000) and yellow tape covers 5-10% of the fire extinguisher body.

How to use wet chemical fire extinguisher foam?

1. Turn off the heat source if safe to do so.
2. Hold the Lance long sleeve, aim the above of fire with the drain at least 1 meter from the fire.
3. Holding the spear, then discharge so that wet chemical spraying and falling gently to the surface fire.
4. Even if a fire appears to go out quickly, discharge the entire contents of the fire extinguisher.

Remember: If you don’t think you’re able to put out the fire by your self, don’t put yourself at risk. Get out and call the firefighter department in your area as soon as possible.