Water Mist Fire Suppression System

water mist fire suppression system
High pressure water mist fire suppression system

Water mist fire suppression system using the smallest droplet of pure water. By atomising water surface area, the reaction increased compared to the one of the conventional sprinkler. Many providers use high-pressure fog system extra small droplets of class I in accordance with NFPA 750. Use a pressure between 50 and 200 bar, atomised water can effectively.

Water mist fire suppression system resulting from the evolution of standard sprinklers. This type of fire suppression designed to flood the fire. Much lighter than its older, water mist systems effective in type A and B fires and cause damage to less than traditional water-based systems. But, the water mist fire suppression system is not ideal for server room type C General Electric for this environment.

Water mist fire suppression system design

Clean up and safety issues also a concern when faced with an electronic wet or moist. Although effective in the right situation, the water mist fire suppression system needs the other systems to ensure a complete coverage of the fire. After the release, expect downtime some week for sprinkler systems and less with the fog water. Often with sprinkler systems, you will be able to take with you if you are on a lease or planning to move to new facilities. This could make a big difference in your consideration of water mist fire suppression system.

The water mist fire suppression system optimized for applications relevant in terms of the size of the droplets used. As a result, water mist systems effective and requires only a very small quantity of water. Also, it means the components of the system, including pipes and pumps, have the overall size of a very small construction. Cooling and oxygen displacement of the most important effects of the fire effects.

Cooling effect

Atomistic water produces a large surface area and thus the reaction results to efficient cooling. The energy is withdrawn from the fire quickly and effectively. Cooling effect also protects people and property from the effects of radiating heat. Using droplets of the protective effect of reducing heat radiation. Also, effective water fog shield generated for those who escaped from the fire. Also, rescue team as well as for components, wall openings, facades, etc.

Oxygen displacement effect

Vaporisation of water droplets pulls energy from the heat. Water vapor, which has a volume greater than water, creating oxygen displaced at the source of the fire. Thus creating a suffocation effect similar to a gas fire. This only happens at the source of the fire. It means there is a danger to the people who escaped from the fire due to lack of oxygen.

Water mist fire suppression system application

1. Fixed high-pressure water mist system provides optimum protection for buildings and machinery. There are many reasons to choose high-pressure water mist systems.

2. In the tunnel, the water mist fire suppression system allows a high level of safety with low investment costs. Cost-benefit analysis has shown that the systems pay for themselves during the tunnel due to the low cost of their life cycle.

3. The water mist fire suppression system also used to the train. The technology used in the passenger compartment.