Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

water mist fire extinguisher class
Water mist fire extinguisher class

Water mist fire extinguisher is common these days for some reason. Several types of water fire extinguisher are unique, they all put out the fire by taking the same components of the fire triangle. This element is heat.

Specific heat capacity of very high water caused it to be the ideal material to get rid of or heat transfer. That’s the main reason why water mist fire extinguisher has used in many fire guard system at the plant, machinery, home and car or truck. Also, it causes certain characteristics to be ideal to extract the heat coming from the fire in an attempt to extinguish it quickly.

The water mist fire extinguisher unit

As the name suggests, the water mist fire extinguisher employs pressurized air to launch fire solutions (water in this case) to the fire. Water mist fire extinguisher cheap enough and after the fire extinguished the water becomes relatively easy to clean.

On many occasions, the majority of water may have dried already make the job purge is still more natural. Unit of water tends to be solid red as this is the color code for the water. Another variation on water fire extinguisher uses fine mist than a jet of water. This type often used to separate fine Misting nozzle flow of water to ensure it is no longer able to conduct electrical energy back to the user.

The water mist fire extinguisher specification

The water mist fire extinguisher is most effective on class A fires. We must take into account that the unit water of any type should not be utilized in an electric device life because it can be quite dangerous. Also, water mist fire extinguisher safe to release on all bar the classification of fire that blazes class D.

How to use this fire extinguisher?

The jet point at the base of the fire and keep it moving in the area of the fire. Ensure that all fields of fire came out. Microscopic particles attract water fire into the fire.

How water mist fire extinguisher works?

The water turned into microscopic particles in the supersonic nozzle. Mist the air drawn into the fire, where it cools and suffocates flames. The fog also formed a security barrier between the user and the fire, which remained part of the heat again.

Water is very safe and does not pollute the environment. It is ideal for use in hospitals. This kind of firefighting water painted red in the European Union, but in the United States, they are usually white.

The additive found in the water mist fire extinguisher

A wetting agent that sometimes used in firefighting water. This element is a detergent based and used to reduce the surface tension of water. This component will help water to enter the natural substance (paper or cloth for example) burned.

Antifreeze commonly added to water too. It is useful when using water mist fire extinguisher in icy conditions. Antifreeze will reduce the freezing point of water to let it be useful for a long time in cold temperatures. Includes antifreeze has no apparent side effects on the characteristics of a real Fireman.