Water Fire Suppression Systems

water fire suppression systems
Water based fire suppression systems

Water fire suppression systems is a system of protection firefighter working automatically when there is a fire in the room. The system estimated to be able to save water is 100 times that of on using the regular system of fire sprinkle when there are fires. Because it uses a fine mist which spreads so that it can save its water supply. By using water fire suppression systems, water damage can minimize and post-fire existing equipment at the venue is easy to clean. This system uses a media-friendly and non-toxic to the environment or humans.

The standard installation Of water fire suppression systems

In doing this, the system installation contractors need to refer to a certain standard. The standard installation of water fire suppression systems used is 750 NFPA. This standard governs everything about terms. These terms need the tools, other tools and the size of the complete to do installation of water mist fire protection system.

This reference used to facilitate the work of contractors, and ensure that the system can work well to put out the fire when the fire on buildings that protected. By using a single pipe and installation of fluid and pressure medium. This procedure will be saving in the cost of the installation of the pipeline network or other fittings.

Factor in the standard installation of water fire suppression systems

In the standard installation of water fire suppression systems or other system standards. It will be much-discussed scenarios factors. This factors that are working in the system such as minimum density nozzle when working, and the location. Also, the distance point nozzle, minimum duration a steady stream of water mist and more.

This scenario combined with the condition and configuration of the scheme the building itself. As well as other factors such as the type of fire that ensued. Fires such as a result of the liquid chemical, plastic, paper or electronic objects. While the condition of the compartments discussed widely among others. It from the room, closed or open, the dimensions of the room, ventilation, and airway.

The thing that is very important to know the criteria – the criteria for the above scenario. This will affect the workings of water based fire suppression systems installed. Mechanism of action of the water fire suppression systems that are cooling in the area of the blast. Then, blocking the heat which is in the area, and encourage as well as prevent oxygen getting into the fire area so fires are not enlarged.

The standard installation of water fire suppression systems of the NFPA 750 minimum requirements. It governing the design installation, testing, and maintenance. So, the water based fire suppression systems can function either as a means of protection against fires that occurred in the room.