United Healthcare Wellness Rewards Card

united healthcare wellness rewards card
United Healthcare Wellness rewards card balance

Many people asking about United Healthcare Wellness rewards card, so We take some information in United Healthcare Online about this question. This program for people to become more involved with their preventative health by awarding them to complete specific activities of health care.

One, Who is eligible to united healthcare wellness rewards card?

United healthcare wellness rewards card is available to United Healthcare Medicare Advantage members at special plans. It is not ready to members of the Sierra or Senior dimensions, Medica, Preferred Care Partners, Erickson Advantage. Massachusetts Senior Care Options or United Healthcare Service Administration only benefits plan.

Two, what is the United Healthcare Wellness rewards card?

Member rewards program with a gift card in the amount is different for the popular national retailers and restaurants. United Healthcare Wellness Rewards card received for completing certain activities of specialized health care for members and their benefits plan.

Three, how members will hear about in return for renewing?

We began sending communications to members at the end of the year 2016 December with details about the program and how participating. Also, members learn about the program within public member materials such as Renew magazine and guide members which include all of the benefits and programs available to them. Health care activities, which can be including laboratory testing and screening, especially to each Member and the number of prizes vary by plan.

In 2017, the first health activities we’re pushing is the annual treatment visits. Also known as the annual Physical or health visits, and assessment of the prevention of falls. The purpose of the of the prevention of falls for Members to discuss with their service providers they are experiencing symptoms that can increase the risk of fall and learn how to help prevent falls from happening.

Other activities of health care we would encourage all year round including:
• Breast cancer screening
• screening Colon cancer
• Diabetes eye exam
• Osteoporosis screening
• Rheumatoid arthritis visit
• Flu shots

Four, how members redeem Prize united healthcare wellness rewards card?

After the eligible members sign up to participate in the prize, then we will send them further information about quality health activities throughout the year and details of how to document their visit. They can then redeem their prize in one of the following ways:
• Online at their website the plan benefits. Members can print a united healthcare wellness rewards card for immediate use.
• By sending us their healthcare sheet card to the address listed on the card. Members will receive a postcard about four to six weeks after we receive the cards their activities.

Five, what activities are eligible to renew the health rewards?

The following list includes the operations of the Ministry of health or who may qualify for a prize in 2017. Not all members of the Eligible for the same health care activities.
• Annual physical or health visits start in February
• Colon cancer screening starting in spring
• Diabetic eye comprehensive eye examinations
including examination of the retina which enlarges done by
eye doctor or optometrist; starting in spring
• Falls Prevention assessment — starting in February
• Flu shots started in the fall
• Mammogram starting in spring
• Examination of osteoporosis starting in spring
• Rheumatoid arthritis visit starting in spring
Limitations, co-payments, and restrictions may apply. To get out if this service covered under the Member Plan benefits, we should call the service number on the back of health plan ID CARD.

Six, What if eligible for qualifying health activities completed this year, but it not done over a prolonged period of united healthcare wellness rewards card?

If an acceptable member already completed a qualification in 2017, so we may be eligible to receive Renew a gift. However, not all members are qualified to return to the same qualifying activities. If a member does not complete the health activities in this day,then they are not eligible for prizes.