Uncaria Gambir Health Benefits

Uncaria Gambir Health Benefits
Uncaria Gambir Health Benefits

What are the Uncaria gambir health benefits? Gambir plant is known as biological “Uncaria gambir Robx”. Since antiquity the wearing of the gambir plant used as traditional plants to treat different types of the disease. This plant can grow lush and propagate with the longer branches. All parts of the plant have thorns with oval leaves. The tip of each leaf tapered like a plant order. Leaf stalks very short so the Gambir plant looks very dense. Flowers look very beautiful in the pink colors.

The compound at Gambir and production process

There are various types of compounds found in Uncaria gambir. Some of the ingredients found like gambir tannins, dihydro tannins, and oxo tannins. Also, Uncaria gambir also contains catechin and flavonoid compound benefits.

Uncaria gambir produced from the leaves and twigs destroyed with hot water. Then this material silenced in a place to mold, producing yellow and hard deposits. Usage of Uncaria gambir done by cutting it into the smaller form or crushed in a powder form.

Uncaria gambir health benefits for daily needs

Gambir plant is known as plants for chew betel. Chew betel activity very popular in Asia especially since hundreds of years ago. Even some areas in Asia still using Gambier chew betel until now. The following are some of the Uncaria gambir health benefits:

1. Remedy Diarrhea

At the antiquity section, Uncaria gambir leaves and twigs used as a medicine for diarrhea. Dried the leaves and twigs, then crushed and used as a tea to drink. Through a research, it turns out evidence that it contains bacteria that can attack the bad bacteria causes diarrhea in the colon.

2. Uncaria gambir for chew betel

Chew betel is an activity to chew the stems and leaves of gambir which believed could strengthen teeth. Gambir material would leave a reddish color in the teeth. But until now the actual Uncaria gambir health benefits is not yet known.

3. Sources of antioxidants

Uncaria gambir leaves contain a chemical compound material known as catechins. Catechins are one source of natural antioxidants benefits which can attack the free radicals. These compounds also believed to be a natural component to attack different kinds of diseases. Some countries that believe this treatment is like India and Pakistan.

4. Ease the process of tanning leather

Since antiquity, Uncaria gambir benefits have used as material to ease the process of tanning leather. Uncaria gambir materials make the process of tanning became faster and makes the skin produced no defects.

Since the resulting red color on the teeth when the chew betel could stay in a very long time. Then, some experts developed the technique of staining Uncaria gambir. How to squeeze or mashing the leaves could leave the red color for various types of cotton materials. The red color will be sharper and can be combined with other colors.

5. Cure disorders of the mouth

Uncaria Gambir Health Benefits
Uncaria Gambir Health Benefits for thrush

Various types of diseases such as oral thrush, dry lips, gum sores and turns can be cured with Uncaria gambir. Various types of compounds found in Uncaria gambir can resolve various complaints. Paste collision of Uncaria gambir on the part of the injured.

6. Uncaria gambir health benefits to treat burns

Burns often leave scars or black layer of outer skin bubbled and leaving only pains. To speed up the healing process you can use the Uncaria gambir. Uncaria gambir leaves already pounded can be affixed to the burns. Then, the resulting effect is able to make Burns heal faster and minimize scarring.

7. Cure Acne

Uncaria gambir also used for acne medication. Use the Uncaria gambir that have processed becomes the mask. The content of antioxidants in Uncaria gambir can make acne and acne scars heal without leaving a scar. Wearing acne medication for two times a week also leaves no side effects for acne.

8. Uncaria gambir health benefits to prevent premature aging

Various kinds of problems will cause the onset of premature aging dark spots and skin will be duller. However, extract gambir mask could be the natural treatments to cure premature aging. Uncaria gambir will produce a more toned skin, bright and fresh. Uncaria gambir cold powder used as ingredients like extracts of white rice.

9. Uncaria gambir health benefits for Gastric Ulcer

Gastric ulcer often characterized by abdominal pain and painful wound if filled meal. Stomach pain caused due to irregular eating patterns and consumption of foods that are too spicy. Uncaria gambir compounds can treat the ulcer. Mix with a little water and black honey, then drink it two times in a week.

Uncaria gambir proved beneficial to address various types of diseases and also to make the skin becomes more beautiful. All the evidence about the Uncaria gambir health benefits based on the results of usage. Only a few of the benefits that gambir have tested. Also, no adverse effects found from the usage of Uncaria gambir.