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Radiation therapy – Wikipedia Lyric

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy, often abbreviated RT, RTx, or XRT, is therapy using ionizing radiation, generally as part of cancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells and normally delivered by a linear accelerator.
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Radiation Therapy Basics – American Cancer Society Lyric

Radiation therapy uses high-energy particles or waves, such as x-rays, gamma rays, electron beams, or protons, to destroy or damage cancer cells.
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Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer Lyric

2016-02-16 · Radiation therapy is a treatment that uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells or shrink tumors. Learn about radiation therapy for prostate cancer here.
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History of radiation therapy – Wikipedia Lyric

The history of radiation therapy or radiotherapy can be traced back to experiments made soon after the discovery of x-rays (1895), when it was shown that exposure to radiation produced cutaneous burns.
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Radiation Therapy – National Breast Cancer Foundation Lyric

Learn all about radiation therapy for breast cancer, how it works, the different types of treatments, and the possible side effects.
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