Types of Fire Suppression Systems

types of fire suppression systems
4 Types of fire suppression systems

Every office and workplace in need of some types of fire suppression systems in place. Most offices will have smoke detectors fitted as standard. Smoke detectors can detect any smoke in the house. If the system detects smoke it will emit an alarm that tells people to evacuate the building and alert the fire department.

Larger workplaces and offices will have more advanced systems in place. The system equipped will depend on what the buildings used. Some of the most popular systems are the FM-200, VESDA Air Sampling, Inergen and ANSUL R-102.

Different types of fire suppression systems

FM-200 system is a fantastic piece of types of fire suppression systems that accepted and used worldwide. FM-200 used in places where men are present, which is one of the key factors. Some of the most common FM-200 found in computer suites and data center. Also, in the gas turbine, telecommunications attachments and much more.

Some of the key features of FM-200 fire protection is a colorless, and odorless gas. It safe for use in occupied areas, suitable for areas of critical risk and minimal storage space required. Also, it releases zero ozone depleting potential and approved for use on class B & C fires.

If the FM-200 used because that leave no oily residue or deposits. This means that the purge time kept to a minimum, which means businesses can return as soon as possible.

VESDA air sampling system capable of detecting fires in the early stages before a standard smoke detector would. This system works better in the computer room and communications center. Also, clean rooms, data centers, switch rooms and archive store. VESDA system removes oxygen from the protected area so that the fire could not be grown.

Types of fire suppression systems for kitchen

Other popular types of fire suppression systems that widely used is ANSUL R-102. R-102 ANSUL system used in the kitchen and especially commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchen requires this types of fire suppression systems. Because it contains items which are flammable like cooking oil and fat in the frying pan and the stove and microwave.

If the system detects a fire, suppression agent release pain that forms a dense layer of foam to the fire area. Then, cut off the supply of oxygen to the fire which means it can put out the fire in 30 seconds.

As the agents used dissolving purge time is kept to a minimum, which means businesses can return as soon as possible. That is great in the kitchen, the restaurant could not run without it.

Inergen Fire Suppression

This types of fire suppression systems from blend of inert atmospheric gases that contains 52% nitrogen, 40% argon and 8% carbon dioxide. It have developed as a fire protection system. It can prevent fires as a replacement for Halon 1301. Fire protection system put out the fire by reducing the level of oxygen in the room to under 15%, i.e. the point where firewood will no longer burn.

Component of Inergen fire suppression system is carbon dioxide, which allows the human body can adapt to the environment. Because this carbon dioxide stimulates the human body to take a deeper breath and also create more efficient the use of the available oxygen.

Inergen medically evaluated and has been fully tested on humans. Also, it approved as types of fire suppression systems for server rooms by leading authority worldwide. Many companies and institutions received Inergen Fire Suppression System fire which safe to use. Inergen Fire Suppression System commonly used in various fields such as server room and computer room. Also, in control room, or other places where it is not permitted the existence of conventional water and foam for protection.