Types of Fire Extinguishers


The fire extinguisher used to put out the fire or control small fires. Fire extinguishers generally shaped tube filled with the high-pressure extinguisher agent. In terms of health and safety, types of fire extinguishers must be completed by each company in preventing the occurrence of fires.

Types of Fire Extinguishers
4 Most common types of fire extinguishers

Types of fire extinguishers and uses

Based on the materials used, the fire extinguisher classified into several types. However, among them there are 4 types of fire extinguishers most commonly used, namely:

1. Water fire extinguisher

This is the kind of fire extinguishers is the cheapest and suitable for extinguishing the fire due to solid materials. It is such as paper, Cloth, rubber, and plastic (fire Class A). But it would be very dangerous if used on fire due to electrical-voltage installations (fire class C).

2. Foam fire extinguishers

This types of fire extinguishers consist of chemicals that can form a foam. Foam fire extinguishers are effective for extinguishing the fire posed by the non-metallic material. It is such as paper and rubber (fire Class A) as well as the fire due to materials such as flammable liquid oil and Solvent (Fires type B).

3. Dry Chemical fire extinguisher

Dry chemical fire extinguisher consists of the combination of Mono-ammonium sulfate diammonium. The dry chemical issued will envelop the burning material. Dry chemical types of fire extinguishers are versatile. Because it is effective for extinguishing fires in almost all classes of fires such as class A, B, and C.

4. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Types of fire extinguishers using carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent. However, the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is very suitable for Fire class B and class C fire.

Classes of fire

We need to know the classes causative source of fire so the types of fire extinguishers used effectively in controlling the fire. The following is the classes of Fire along with an effective type of fire extinguishers to turn it off:

1. Class A Fires

Class A fire is a fire class due to solid materials non-metallic such as paper, plastic, fabric, wood, and rubber. Types of fire extinguishers suitable: water fire extinguisher, Foam fire extinguisher, and Chemical fire extinguisher

2. Class B Fires
Class B fires are the fire due to class materials such as flammable liquid oil, paint, solvent, and methanol. Types of fire extinguishers suitable: carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, Foam fire extinguisher, and dry chemical fire extinguisher.

3. Class C Fires
Fire class C is due to the installation of electricity-voltage. Types of fire extinguishers suitable to put out the fire class C is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and dry chemical fire extinguisher.

4. Class D Fires
Class D fires are due to metallic materials which burn easily such as sodium, magnesium, aluminum, lithium, and potassium.

The other fire safety tool

Firefighting equipment for Firefighters: Fire Helmet, Fireman Clothing, and Respirator Mask. The third tool needed to guard the safety of the team when removing the fire.
Fire helmet used to keep your head when there are ruins of buildings and reducing the heat of the fire. Then, fire clothing used to reduce the heat from the fire of sycophancy.
While the respirator mask used to protect the fire brigade from exposure to harmful gases which can be inhaled. For example dust, smoke, steam, or gas when fires break out.