Type K Fire Extinguisher

type k fire extinguisher
Type k fire extinguisher chemical

Fire Designated as many types, and one of them is type K fire involves burning cooking oil or fat. Types of fire burn at extremely high temperatures, especially in the commercial kitchen. If we work in a restaurant or commercial kitchen area, then you must get a train how to work safely and avoid fires. Mainly you have to know about how to use type k fire extinguisher.

Type K fire extinguisher uses for oil fire in the kitchen.

Type K fire is fire hot oil or fat. These fires burn at extremely high temperatures, such as cooking oil and the oil is highly flammable. A fire extinguisher recommended for type K put out a fire involving kitchen oil and fat, and all commercial kitchen with hoods for a commercial cooking system and the system of suppression fire must have a type k fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers type K made from a dry and wet chemistry. As we know some of these chemicals is a conductor of electricity; Therefore the K type extinguishers only used after the electrical power to the appliance cooking has been closed. High-temperature heating vegetable oil in frying fat in the making type K fire extinguishers are valuable in commercial kitchens. The reason is that the fires extinguisher type B for traditional materials flammable could not extinguish this kind of fire.

The water-based fire department, called types A fire extinguishers, should not use on an oil or grease fire because it will cause the fire to spread. A fire extinguishers type K should installed no more than 30 feet from the cooking range. Also, fire tube must check and tested yearly.

The type of fire extinguisher-how much should I have?

For a kitchen area, you have to provide a type k fire extinguisher. Regarding the amount you need to supply, the formal requirement is that you need one for every 200 square meters of floor space. Then, the subject to a minimum of two fire extinguishers on every floor.

Keep a fire extinguisher Type K

Type K fire extinguisher should fill with potassium bicarbonate or wet chemical mixture that releases a fine spray. If Your extinguisher full of chemical mixture is dry, shake it at least once a month, so the powder is not lumpy. Ensure that access to Your Department not be blocked by furniture or anything that can prevent a person from reaching the fire service in an emergency. Nozzles and Hoses on fire tubes must be free of debris. If the pressure gauge fitted on the tube Department, check regularly.

Use a type k fire extinguisher

Trained in the use of fire extinguishers of proper so you will know what to do in an emergency. If you confronted with fire, make sure that all of the people out of danger and inform firefighters. Pick the right type of extinguisher for the fire and identify the acronym “pass” for use fire extinguisher; Remove the pin from the fire service, aim fire extinguisher to the base fire. Press handle slowly to release the extinguishing agent and Sweep the extinguisher from side to side.