Tear Trough Treatment Review


Tear trough refers to flaps extending from the inner corner of the eye, extending down and out. Then, it causes dark shadows under the eyes, or the shape of the SAC of the eye. Tear trough could make us look tired even after we had enough sleep, and make us look older than we are. Cosmetics can help disguise the tear trough in women and repaired using non-surgical dermal fillers. This procedure takes about twenty minutes and results can last more than twelve months or more.

Tear Trough
Tear trough anatomy

Why tear troughs form?

There is a gradual change which takes place in our face and especially around our eyes. The changes that occur in all layers of the face, including the skin, fat, muscle and bone. There is a slow decline in the fatty tissues under the lower eyelids cheek area and upstream. Muscles of the lower lid are losing its elasticity and no longer remain tethered in place.

How the tear trough fixed?

Tear trough can be repaired without surgery for men and women. Use filler dermal injections, a significant improvement to the tear trough can be achieved. Soft dermal filler fluid, composed of hyaluronic acid, gently fill the depression through tears. So, it looks smooth and healthy. Best of all, the results of these treatments will soon. Leave the patient clinic looking for a fresh, rejuvenated, even many years younger.

Who is suitable for treatment?

While the tear trough usually appears in the 40 years old, people as young as 25 may start seeing signs of aging. The ideal applicant to tear through improvement is people who recognize the procedure. Also, in generally good health and holds realistic expectations for their results.

If you’re happy, you can go ahead with the treatment later, or you can go home and think about it. There is never any pressure to continue treatment. The physician would never suggest a treatment that we don’t think you will benefit from. If you decide to continue, the doctor will take the photos, asks you to sign a consent form, and will provide guidance.

What other options are available to treat the tear trough?

During your consultation, the physician will assess your skin and may suggest treatments. Some of these skin care products, including retinol which can build collagen also stimulates collagen. Tear trough does not affect your general health, even though they can reduce confidence, the correction is really valuable.