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Syzygium cumini (black plum) – Lyric

S. cumini is a fast-growing tropical and sub-tropical tree preferring moist, riverine habitats, that is valued for its fruit, timber and as an…
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Protective Effects of a Polyphenol-Rich Extract from Lyric

Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels has been reported to exert anti-inflammatory and cardiometabolic activities due to its high content of polyphenols. We characterized the
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Jungle Blunts — Blunt Wraps Lyric

Our Organic Blunt Wraps are Handpicked and Rolled in the Jungles of the Philippines. We have 4 Types of Natural Leaf Blunts to choose from. Lomboy – Cacao- Guava
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10 Health Benefits of Jaamun | Use of Java Plum or … Lyric

Naaval pazham or Black plum (its science name Syzygium Cumini) is a nutiritious seasonal fruit (in the month of June or July or August) found in Asia. Jamun
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Top 11 Fitkari Alum Uses or Benefits in Ayurveda – … Lyric

Phitkari Fitkari Alum uses best 11 benefits in Ayurveda with great health properties and benefits for teeth, skin care, fever home remedies. Phitkari Potash alum
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