Symptoms of Stroke in Men

symptoms of stroke in men
Symptoms of stroke in men

Center for disease control and prevention ranked stroke as one of the most cause of death in the United States. Also, many men more likely to die from symptoms of stroke in men. The ability to recognize the symptoms of a stroke can help save lives. Then, if you think someone had it, call your local emergency service immediately.

Symptoms of stroke in men

While this is the hallmark symptoms of a stroke, a stroke cause disruption to any function of the nervous system. Symptoms of stroke in men usually occur on one side of the body. With a transient ischemic attack, symptoms appear and may go away on their own. It is critical to get people who are exposed to the hospital as soon as possible to allow for immediate treatment. Sign and symptoms of stroke in men include :

1. Muscle stiffness
2. Difficulty swallowing
3. The intentional movement of the eyes
4. Changes in vision
5. Dizziness
6.Severe headache
7. Confusion
8. weakness
9. numbness
10. Gait disturbances
11. The inability to speak
12. Behavior change

The cause of the symptoms of stroke in men

Most influence risk factors for stroke is your age. How older you are, the possibility of getting stroke is greater. Also, both affect the risk factors for stroke is genetic make-up. We’ve all heard that if parents, grandparents or other relatives suffered a stroke, your chance of getting stroke much greater.

Ischemic stroke generated by the blockage in blood movement to the brain influenced by a blood clot. The plaque in the artery wall is the primary reason for many ischemic strokes.

Atherosclerosis is the process plaque builds up in the blood vessels of the body, especially in the carotid artery of the neck, the heart, the coronary arteries and the arteries of the legs. A result of plaque can cause stroke causing blockage of blood flow, or uninstall the slab material that can travel to the brain.

Hemorrhagic stroke generated by bleeding into the brain or bleeding around the brain, which results from damage to the blood vessels. A hemorrhagic can cause high blood pressure that uncontrolled, and, in some cases, can be caused by structural problems in the blood vessels.

Treatment for stroke in men

Short-term therapies for symptoms of stroke in men with two types of injections are:

1. Thrombolytics, a clot-dissolving medicine that aims to split the blockage in the blood vessels affected to restore normal blood flow and limit the damage to brain tissue.

2. anticoagulants, applied in some cases to reduce blood clotting ability. It does not dissolve blood clots that formed, but it can prevent lumps get bigger and cause further problems.

Long term care includes the medicine taken by mouth to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke. Then, the treatment include:

1. Antiplatelets such as acetylsalicylic acid, clopidogrel, and dipyridamole.
2. Anticoagulant such as warfarin, dabigatran

Including other necessary therapies to be considered for prevention of stroke:
1. surgical procedures in some people
2. prescriptions that lower blood pressure
3. the cholesterol-lowering pill

The best method for preventing symptoms of stroke in men is to understand the risk and treatment options. Also, the greatest opportunity to get stroke is ignorance or misinformation. Therefore, the first step is to take responsibility for your health.New techniques and new insights will develop regularly. But don’t believe any part of the “scientific information” you find in media or advertising.