Symptoms of Stage 4 Kidney Disease

symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease
Symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease

Kidney disease characterize by progressive loss of kidney function that can cause a variety of symptoms. It divided into five stages of appropriate residual kidney function. In General, when the conditions of the disease progressed to stage 4, the patient must be willing to do dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong their lives. Well, what do common symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease?

Symptoms of Stage 4 Kidney Disease

1. urination changes

In stage 4, patients will also experience changes in urination stages 3, and only they may become more severe. Patients will visit the restroom frequently at night, and they will be urinating more or a lot less abnormal. The color of pee that became old, orange-brown colored tea or if there is blood. Pee foamy or bubbly will occur. That’s because the damaged kidney glomeruli that cannot prevent proteins to pass through and protein can leak to urinate.

2. nausea and vomiting

In stage 4, the symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease interfere with the other two are nausea and vomiting the kidneys are weak to eliminate waste and toxins out of the body. Also, stimulates cause accumulation of waste products in the body. Waste it stimulates the intestinal tract, which will make the patient feeling sick and vomiting or nausea.

3. back pain or kidney pain

Back pain is symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease that is excruciating and regularly occurs as a clinical display of Polycystic Kidney disease, kidney stones, and kidney infections.

4. swelling or edema

The swelling is another visible symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease. Damaged kidneys are unable to excrete extreme fluid from the body, which will cause water retention in the body. Normally, patients with stage 4 kidney disease have noticeable swelling in the eyelids, face, legs, ankles and even the full body. Because of this, victims will also feel shortness of breath and tired.

5. high blood pressure as symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease

Many patients in stage 4 Kidney Disease began to increase blood pressure which mainly caused by the addition of chymosin and retention of sodium and water. With high blood pressure, patients should reduce salt intake, a high sodium content of salt.

6. anemic

As is known to us, the kidney secretes erythropoietin has a function that is responsible for producing enough red blood cells. When patients in stage 4 Kidney Disease the kidney, they lose that purpose of generating erythropoietin, and this will lead to anemia which is the reason why patients kidney disease often feel exhausted.

7. bone problems

Patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease easy to feel pain and are susceptible to bone fractures. Then, it is mainly because of the low levels of calcium in the blood.

8. itchy skin

Loss of function of the kidneys to excrete excessive waste and toxins out of the body. Also, Accumulated waste will be the reason for itchy skin. Itchy skin makes people don’t concentrate on one thing. Worse, the patient has to stay awake all night to scratch their skin itch. Also, the patient may be allergic to certain types of medication, and this can also cause itchy skin.