Symptoms of Stage 3 Kidney Disease

symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease
What are the symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease?

If you concerned that you could experience from some kidney disease, read about it, consult a doctor, find a way to identify symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease. Until now, take a look at the signs, to have a better understanding of stage 3 kidney disease. Once you get accepted to it, you can also see what treatment should consist.

Symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease

Every disease shows some signs before it becomes chronic kidney disease. The detection of these symptoms can prevent you from chronic diseases. Presented below are some of the symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease.

The primary function of the kidneys is to filter waste products and push them into the bladder. At stage 3, the kidneys work slowly and give the Diathesis of toxins in the blood. The kidneys stop producing erythropoietin hormone and reduce the red blood cells in the body. The result is less blood to cells anemia and fatigue.

High blood pressure
The kidney known for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. As a function of deteriorating at this point, the fluid begins to build up and cause stress on the blood vessel walls.

The accumulation of fluid
As the kidneys stop filtering the liquid waste, it starts to build up in the body. This fluid especially began to accumulate in the hands and feet of the patient and cause difficulty walking and even reduce blood circulation in the body. Settled liquid in the feet, hands and the area around the eyes is known as edema.

Causes of kidney disease

Kidney disease can develop on its own because of damage to the structure of the kidney, polycystic kidney disease, kidney infection is severe or may be the result of some diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic diseases, autoimmune disorders, etc. Often, kidney disease may come from external factors such as drugs, poisons, and defects. The damaged function of other organs such as the liver can also affect the function of the kidneys and cause kidney disease in the long run.

Treatment for symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease

After the cause of kidney disease has ascertained by a variety of diagnostic, the same treatment can start. The first action is to control the case of the disease. The next move is to prevent further progression of the disease. Nephrologists are taking various steps to keep your kidneys working conditions exist if it is not possible to increase their functionality.

An appointment with a dietitian is a necessity at this stage because the disease can be controlled easily by eating the right foods. You will need a special diet without phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium. These three minerals are putting a lot of pressure on the kidneys and can not easily remove from the system.

You should restrict your sodium intake as primarily responsible for water retention in the body. If your kidney disease due to diabetes or hypertension, then your nephrologist will try to bring the disorder under control. The nephrologist will urge you to lead a healthier lifestyle in General to improve the function of your kidneys.

If you start the treatment at the time and if your body responds well, the life expectancy of the third stage of kidney disease could very well. On the other hand, if it goes untreated it can cause various complications. If the disease progressed to an advanced stage, then you will only have few treatment options. It also seriously endangers your chance of survival and recovery.