Symptoms of Shingles on Face

symptoms of shingles on face
Symptoms of shingles on face

Shingle is a disorder affected by the Varicella-Zoster virus, the same virus that causes chicken-Pox’the condition is so common in school children. With kids, Zoster virus attached to a network of nerve and remained active until old age. A painful, blistering rash is one of the symptoms of shingles on face. But when the virus returned to Dorman, a victim of the disease often experience painful herpes zoster or postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). The reason for the rest of the misery was a virus can cause nerve damage.

Symptoms of shingles on face

Things to look out for is the extreme sensitivity of the skin face. Which tends to have a sensation of burning and itching a bit. After this stage, the face becomes painful, and if you think you have shingles calls to your doctor. Then, as the faster easier given antiviral medicines for patients.

Care should also take off a patient have the form of a rash near the nose, or in the face. This state is most important to get medical help immediately as if the virus reaches the eyes can cause vision disorders, or at a complete loss of vision.

What are the causes of shingles

Shingles affect only one part of the body, which can be left or right. The symptoms of shingles on face characteristic of the disease is a rash that often occurs in the form of a band blister. Older adults and people with a compromised immune system are more susceptible to this condition. This state can lead to complications that may include loss of vision, problems with the nervous system, skin infections, and damage to nerve fibers that cause pain.

Treatment for symptoms of shingles on face

The treatment of herpes zoster infection or involves the use of antiviral drugs to limit the reproduction of the virus, antihistamines to relieve itching and analgesics for pain relief.

Because the lesions in the shingles formed along the path of nerves neuralgia herpes pain generated are usually quite severe and for this reason, antidepressant medicines that act on the nerve endings are also used in conjunction with analgesics to relieve pain. In some cases, Physiotherapy should give with analgesic and antidepressant tricyclic, to reduce the constant and severe pain, referred to as post herpes neuralgia. The pain can sometimes last up to six months or more.

The natural prevention for symptoms of shingles on face

Cleansing the blood needed to eliminate waste and acid to alkalize the blood. Here are some steps to clean up your system using natural methods.
1. eat cleanses supplements. Then carrot juice, beets and cucumbers and drink every morning for three days. Also Apple juice and drink every night during the three nights.
2. eat only organic fruits and vegetables.
3. add Vitamin B complex 100 mg your routine with dark leafy vegetables.
4. Avoid acidic food and avoid processed foods such as sugar and processed meat.
5. stop eating foods that have artificial flavorings
6. take Epsom Salt baths to neutralize acid in your body.
7. get some morning sun rays on your body for healing
8. try to stay stress-free