symptoms of salmonella poisoning

symptoms of salmonella poisoning
Symptoms of salmonella poisoning

Salmonella bacteria cause infections zoonoses. This species of salmonella bacteria transmitted to human through food and water. Enteritis Salmonella causes diarrhea and crush immunity. The symptoms of salmonella poisoning result in death if not diagnosed and treated in time. These bacteria have the ability to survive for weeks in the non-life habitat. The bacteria destroyed at temperatures above 56 ° C. Therefore, when treating symptoms of salmonella poisoning, heated the food and water before consumption.

Symptoms of salmonella poisoning

Salmonella poisoning symptoms similar to other diseases of the digestive system. Vomiting and diarrhea are the most prominent symptoms. But, along with this, here are the other symptoms of salmonella infection:
Abdominal pain

Symptoms of salmonella poisoning observed in the 1- 3 days after the person has infected. However, salmonella poisoning is not contagious.

Salmonella Poisoning Causes

Salmonella found in the intestines of mammals, birds, and reptiles. When it enters the human body, it causes infection and disease known as Salmonellosis. Other digestive diseases, gastroenteritis caused due to ingestion of Salmonella. Food poisoning can occur to someone if he eats raw foods or contaminated. Touching a reptile, turtle and bird life can also lead to salmonella to connect with a human being.

Treatment for symptoms of salmonella poisoning

Usually, it observed that the infection self-healing within 4-5 days. Before people get dehydrated, it is important to consult a doctor. Extreme dehydration can cause severe complications and even death. Similarly, it is critical to maintaining the electrolyte level of the body. Therefore, physicians can administer electrolytes to prevent dehydration. On the side, typhoid fever is more severe than salmonella poisoning and therefore require different treatment methods. Antibiotics are the best choice for typhoid fever.

People should also remember that typhoid fever can be contagious. With this method of medication, the salmonella bacteria completely eradicated from the human body. Symptoms of salmonella poisoning can surely disappear and no long term effects it.

Preventive actions for symptoms of salmonella poisoning

To prevent our family from salmonella infection, we need to do some step that we sometimes underestimate for many reasons. Here some daily activity we must do:

1. Handling beef and chicken separately with a thorough washing of the surface between the different types of meat
2. Wash produce thoroughly before eating
3. Food that served for elderly, infants and people with immune system problems have to be extra careful
4. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching amphibians and their environment. Also, never let amphibians in your desk for any reason.
5. The amphibians must never come in contact with baby.
6. Clean your hands thoroughly after coming into contact with birds.
7. Keep the diaper and food preparation tasks such as separate and wash your hands thoroughly after activities diaper
8. If you beef, poultry, or eggs are less ripe, wherever you are, don’t pick them, send them back for a thorough cooking
9. Everything that contact with under cooked meat, poultry, eggs should be washed thoroughly with soap and water immediately after contact.

Salmonella will continue to be a problem. Keep your family safe with nine steps to prevent symptoms of salmonella poisoning and the prevention of various diseases. Return considering the food and don’t be afraid to send food back to the Cook for the proper preparation.