Symptoms of Leukemia in Children

symptoms of leukemia in children
Signs and symptoms of leukemia in children

More than three thousand Children in the United States affected by leukemia every year. Leukemia in children mostly caused due to genetic abnormalities or chromosome abnormalities in the DNA. A term used to describe leukemia cancer of the white blood cells. Now, symptoms of leukemia in children can occur in different forms which classified by the appropriate level of development, and types of white blood cells that get affected.

Symptoms of leukemia in children

Leukemia symptoms will differ depending on the kind. Symptoms of acute leukemia are clearly in no time. You may notice symptoms of leukemia in children also depend on where the abnormal white cells accumulate. For example, if cancer cells have spread to the brain, then people may experience symptoms such as headaches or vision problems.

Leukemia cells that reach the skin cause a rash. Joint pain inevitable when leukemia cells have made their way into the joints. On the other hand, pain the bones show that the abnormal cells are very close to the surface of the bone. In General, a common symptom of this type of cancer is:
Bad eyesight
Losing weight
Sweating at night
Enlargement of the spleen
Bone pain
Breathing difficulties

Other symptoms of leukemia in children

Skin discoloration: by dipping the blood platelet count, the ability to freeze reduced significantly. This state eventually triggers internal bleeding which usually leads to the development of bluish and black marks under the skin. Thus, children with leukemia bruising easily, which often associated with low platelet count. In addition to easy bruising, red spots that resembles the size of a pinhead can also appear under the skin.

Slow healing: because of the low platelet count, minor injuries take a long time to heal. Thus, leukemia can cause heavy bleeding from minor cuts. Also, excess bleeding, wound infection as it is less prone to the amount of healthy white blood cells.

Fatigue: WBC requires energy to carry out their duties properly. However, due to the increased production of immature WBCs, the energy needs of the body dramatically increases, which unfortunately could not fulfill. Therefore, people feel tired all the time, even though eating healthy foods.

The cause of the symptoms of leukemia in children

The physicians cannot identify the exact causes of leukemia. However, certain factors are known to trigger leukemia. You will develop leukemia as a result of the following:
Exposure to chemicals such as benzene
History of genetic disorders
Exposure to harmful radiation particular

Leukemia in children diagnosis

Early detection of symptoms of leukemia in children can help to diagnose this disease. Blood tests are useful in obtaining out whether the children have leukemia. The level of white blood cells is significantly improved on leukemia and detected through blood tests.

Bone marrow biopsy provides important information about the type of leukemia. A chest x-ray can also help in the early detection of leukemia. An MRI scan, CT scan, and ultrasound are some of the diagnostic methods contribute to knowing the damage to organs such as the brain, liver, and kidneys because of leukemia.


There are some treatment options for symptoms of leukemia in children. Here are some of the therapies used to fight leukemia.

Chemotherapy: treatment using anti-cancer medicines to destroy cancer cells. Good medicine is taken orally or injected into the blood vessels.

Radiation therapy: children exposed to high-energy rays to damage cancer cells and stop their growth.

Biotherapy: in this treatment, children treated with a substance that enhances the body’s natural defense system to fight the cancer cells.

Bone marrow transplant: this method restores healthy cells that have destroyed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.