Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women

symptoms of heart attacks in women
symptoms of heart attacks in women

A heart attack is if a women heart stopped due to a build up of pressure in the heart, where it constricts the muscle itself, to make way for women to suffer heart failure. A heart attack is the second cause of death in women after breast cancer. In the United States, more than 49,000 women die every year due to a heart attack. Chest pain is one of the early symptoms of heart attacks in women. However, according to a study recently found that most women are not even experiencing chest pain during a heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attacks in women

The symptoms of heart attacks in women usually the same as the usual symptoms of a heart attack. About a quarter of all heart attack is usually silent, without warning, or other similar symptoms. The symptoms can vary from gastrointestinal disorders to pain in the chest. If you’ve ever felt the symptoms, please call 911 immediately. Here some of the symptoms of heart attacks in women:

Difficulty in breathing efficiently
A sense of impending doom
Chest pain
extreme weakness
Pain in the upper half of the abdomen
fluctuations in heartbeat
Vomiting for no reason is relevant
Pain in the center of the chest
Panic attacks
Severe indigestion
Always sweating
The giddy feeling of exhaustion
Construction of a sudden nausea

The cause of the heart attacks in women

The reason for the symptoms of heart attacks in women is because of Dressler’s syndrome or postcardiotomy pericarditis. This state can take place with the ladies who have gone through heart surgery, trauma experienced to the heart or heart attack. The charge on the immune system might be the reason for this disease. This situation could be either weeks or months before the symptoms of heart attacks in women revealed.

Treatment for symptoms of heart attacks in women

1. There are many types of medications that can give to treat a mild heart attack in women. The most frequently administered remedies are nitroglycerin that widens and opens up the blood vessels and helps the blood and oxygen to reach the heart of the more convenient.
2. Anti-ischaemic Prescriptions, such as beta blockers or calcium channel blockers also given, as they reduce the risk of chest pain.
3. Women may also ask to take aspirin once a day, such as minimizing the inflammation and prevent blood clots from developing. Along with this, the physician also prescribes blood thinning pill Plavix.

Keep in  our mind

1. Symptoms of heart attacks in women mentioned above viewed by subjects who are well in advance, and ignoring them can be life threatening. Therefore, always call 911 or emergency services for them to try a variety of therapies and medicines before you reach the hospital.

2. Get to know and recognize the symptoms of heart attacks in women can save someone from having a heart attack risk of full-blown.

3. To prevent heart attacks, women should exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet rich in fruits, whole grains, high-fiber foods, and vegetables to keep the balance between the level of blood pressure and cholesterol.