Symptoms of Gout in Big Toe

symptoms of gout in big toe
What are the symptoms of gout in the big toe?

Gout is the affection of joints and found in thousands of people in the United States. Uric acid may be the most encountered types of arthritis, and it manifests as attacks at night. The affected joints of uric acid attack the one that found in one of his big toes in most cases. But gout can affect one of the parts of the ankle as well. If gout untreated can begin to appear very often, and they will spread to some other joints. In this situation, the treatment required, since symptoms of gout in big toe can become chronic and crippling gout joints.

The Symptoms of gout in big toe easy to treat, and there are ways to reduce the risk of gout will relapse. This attack could happen over and over again unless the gout treated. Many people with a high level in their blood never get gout. Possibility to get symptoms of gout in big toe if you overweight or eating much meat that have high in chemicals called Purines.

Symptoms of gout in big toe in people

The critical symptoms of gout are an acute pain in the joints, especially in the big toe. The main symptoms of gout in big toe are inflammation, red skin and shiny in the joints, itching over the areas affected together, bulging and swelling. Pain in the joints is severe that it makes walking and moving around is very hard.

Most of the people experience their gout attack in the big toe. However, gout can affect other joints also like heels, fingers, wrists, knees, and elbows.

The causes of gout in big toe

Men more affected with gout than women that happen to them in the 31-61 age group. And women that happen to them after menopause. Intake of certain medicines is also a cause of gout. The patient needs to take the following preventive measures take sufficient liquid weight remained under the control of Dietary changes can also cause gout. The diet should be low in Purine content.

Treatment for symptoms of gout in big toe

If you want to treat symptoms of gout, you need to reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood. You can achieve this by altering your diet so that it does not contain the kinds of foods that have the Purine, a substance that raises the level of uric acid. Red meat, peas, liver, and shellfish are the foods that have a lot of Purine in it. So you have to eat very little or avoid eating one of the mentioned above.

Medications available that can lower the levels of uric acid from the body but unless the doctor tells you don’t take one type of medicine. If you have suffered an attack of gout, visit your doctor immediately and take his advice. You will get some pills you need to take each day, and you will need to change the type of food you eat to lower uric acid from the blood. If you do, you will not have problems with symptoms of gout in big toe again.