Symptoms of Depression in Men

symptoms of depression in men
Symptoms of depression in men

More familiar depression felt modern society. Various issues of life with easy-to-make people become stressed even depression. There is no guarantee someone free of depression. Neither man, a creature that he said are more powerful and unruly than girls. Even in United States more than 5 million men reported experiencing depression each year. Regardless of gender, a symptom that appears to diagnose depression among women and men tend to be the same with a few differences. Here are symptoms of depression in men.

Ten symptoms of depression in men

1. Fatigue
Men who experience depression underwent a series of physical and emotional changes. They may experience fatigue, as well as psychomotor retardation, or a slowing of physical movement, speech, and thought processes.

2. Sleep problems
Sleep problems such as insomnia, waking up very early in the morning, or excessive sleep are common symptoms of depression.

3. Abdominal pain or back pain
Health problems such as costiveness or diarrhea, or a headache and backache, usually found in men who suffered depression.

4. Irritability
Next symptoms of depression in men are irritability; it looks glum, men who are experiencing symptoms of depression in men shows signs of more sensitive. Often talk about feeling, as well as the negative thoughts are common aspects of depression in men.

5. Hard to concentrate
Psychomotor retardation can slow down the men’s ability to process information, so focus on work or other duties.

6. the Angry and hostile
Some men manifest depression with hostile, angry, or aggressive. A man who realized there was something wrong may need to compensate by showing that he is still vigorous and capable.

7. Stress
Men may be more liable to report symptoms of depression in stress. It does not mean that they have more stress than more socially acceptable to say it.

8. Anxiety
There are strong links between anxiety disorders and depression. Besides women, peril is more likely to experience anxiety. In fact, men are experiencing an anxiety disorder approximately two times more common than females. But, the man is often more convenient to express the feelings of sadness.

9. Specific substance abuse
Specific substance abuse often accompanies depression. Research shows that recovering alcoholic nearly two times more likely to suffer from severe depression than people without drinking problems.

10. Indecision
Some people naturally have difficulties to make a decision. When faced with an inability to make choices will usually give rise to new concerns.

How is depression treated?

The first step to getting appropriate treatment is to visit a doctor or mental health professional. He or she can perform the test or lab testing to rule out other conditions that may have the same symptoms of depression in men. He also can tell if a particular medication you take may affect your mood.

Doctors need to get the full history symptoms of depression in men. Tell a doctor when symptoms start, how long they have lasted, how bad they are, whether they have occurred before, and if so, how they treated.