Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Women

symptoms of colon cancer in women
Symptoms of colon cancer in women

The colon is a vital element of the human body, in particular for women. This colon is part of the digestive system. And it’s an essential component as it played a significant role in the digestive regime of the women. For that reason, It is crucial for us to know the signs and symptoms of colon cancer in women.

If the women feel that she may have cancer of the colon. Then, she must get herself tested and seen by a qualified healthcare professional in the beginning and begin treatment to cure the disease. One problem with colon cancer early detection is that it is tough. Because most of the symptoms of colon cancer in women are not very noticeable in the initial stages of the disease.

Some women may not be aware of the symptoms until it’s too late. Regardless of this fact we have to be aware of the disease. Also, these symptoms of colon cancer in women may lead to knowing if this affects us. We also have to get women checked regularly to ensure that we do not currently suffer from the disease. Especially if women are in a high-risk group. Look for the following symptoms and consult your doctor from the beginning if you see anything out of the ordinary.

What is Symptoms of colon cancer in women?

Symptoms of colon cancer in women is a change in women bowel movement. Turn more than a few days of bowel habits will demonstrate the problem. If women have constipation for more than two weeks, it should sound the alarm. She should also pay attention to the consistency of her bowel movements as it can also indicate a problem.

The appearance of blood in the stool women should deal with seriously. Even if it’s not the cancer of the colon, it is a sign of attention and should checked by your doctor. Stomach pain can be a sign of worry, and it’s the same symptoms if women have pain for a long time to see a doctor as soon as possible. Cramping for a long duration also symbolize problems with the colon.

Abdominal pain during a bowel movement is the sign of attention too, especially if it is regularly. If women feel that she can’t comfortably empty her colon and become regular. That could indicate a problem, too. Unexplained weight loss always suggests some medical problems. Even if it is not a diagnosis of colon cancer for optimal health. Weakness and fatigue because the reasons must demonstrate problems with women health; It also symptoms of colon cancer in women. Although symptoms may indicate that women have colon cancer. Also, it can caused by other medical conditions. Maintain your health and get regular checkups to live a healthy life.

Treatment for symptoms of colon cancer in women

Typically, operations can remove small tumors, and chemotherapy prescribed to kill any remaining cells. Chemotherapy medicines used for colon cancer includes irinotecan, oxaliplatin, capecitabine, and Fluorouracil.

Besides, where the disease has metastasized or spread of cancer, the whole area of the colon may require removal of the entire section of the large intestine. Often, the rest of the colon can connect back to the anal, but if Colon cancer also reaching the rectum, the electronics may required. In this procedure, the surgeon creates a hole in the stomach and attaches an electronic bag. Waste collects in a bag instead of passing through the rectum. Chemotherapy and radiation which prescribed to kill any residual cancer cells, and control the spread of the disease.