Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

symptoms of breast cancer in men
Symptoms of breast cancer in men

The breast in adults man similar to breasts girls before puberty. In girls, the tissue grows and evolves, but man, it isn’t. But because of this muscle, men still get breast cancer. Men get the kind of breast cancer that women are the same, but symptoms of breast cancer in men that involves the parts that make and store the milk is rare.

Breast cancer is metastatic disease can spread beyond the original organ. Also, the bones, liver, lungs, and brain more common sites of metastases and different symptoms of breast cancer in men occur at this stage.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men

The man has to understand that breast cancer is not limited to just women. Possible symptoms of breast cancer in men to see include:

Lump or swelling
Skin dimpling
Nipple retraction
Redness skin of the breast or nipple
Out of the nipple

This transition in men not always affected by cancer. For example, some breast lumps in men caused by Gynecomastia. However, if you see breast changes, you should see a health care professional as soon as possible.

Treatment for symptoms of breast cancer in men

Because so few men have breast cancer, it difficult for physicians to examine the therapy of breast cancer in men separately in clinical trials. Treatments divided into groups, based on how they work and when they used. The main types of treatments for breast cancer are:

Hormone therapy
Targeted therapy
Radiation therapy
It is essential to review all symptoms of breast cancer in men treatment options, including the purpose and side effects. It is critical to ask questions if there is anything not sure. No matter which treatment recommended, it helps to look into health insurance situation before starting therapy.

Adjunctive therapy and neoadjuvant

Men who have cancer detected after surgery often given preferential remedy to help prevent the recurrence. This method has known as adjuvant therapy. The goal of adjuvant therapy is to eliminate the hidden cells. Systemic therapy such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy used as adjunctive therapy.

Not every adjunctive therapy patients need. If a larger tumor has spread to lymph nodes, are more likely to spread through the blood stream. But the feature can determine if a patient offered therapy adjuvant. References on adjuvant therapy explained in the section on this remedy for symptoms of breast cancer in men.

Some men get treatment before surgery to shrink the tumor in the hope it will allow less extensive surgery performed. The method involves the same treatment used for adjuvant therapy, just give them before the operation and do not after treatment. This is called neoadjuvant therapy. Neoadjuvant therapy also lowers the recurrence of cancer, so many men who received neoadjuvant therapy do not need adjuvant therapy or do not need as much.

Local versus systemic therapy

Local treatment is meant to treat tumors at sites without affecting the entire body. Surgery and radiation therapy are examples of local therapy. Systemic therapy refers to medicines, which given by mouth or directly into the bloodstream to reach cancer cells. Hormone therapy, Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and is systemic therapy.