Symptoms of Bladder Cancer in Men

symptoms of bladder cancer in men
Symptoms of bladder cancer in men

Bladder cancer is common among men in his age. The average age of diagnosis is 74. Men have more of a chance to pull the bladder cancer than women. Three of the four men developed bladder cancer than women. After diagnose, patients can live up to five years and may vary depending on the stage of the tumor.Then, how about symptoms of bladder cancer in men?

Types of bladder cancer

Read below to find out more about the four types of bladder cancer:

-Papilloma Urothelial-refers to a benign tumor growth.
-Papillary Urothelial Neoplasm of low malignant potential refers to slow the growth of tumors in the bladder which does not spread further.
Papillary Urothelial Carcinoma of the lower level-the situation is characterized by faster growth & spread faster than three other types of bladder cancer. Needless to mention, this is the most dangerous form of bladder cancer.

Early stage symptoms of bladder cancer in men

Variations in color of blood are the first sign of bladder cancer. Urine comes in various colors of red, Orange and pink. Sometimes blood clots come clean with urine.

Also, be aware that blood may occur due to various reasons such as kidney stones, infections of germ and bladder problems. Blood in the urine will reappear if the men have cancer of the bladder. Other early signs of burning sensation during urination, urine, and urinary systems are weak.

Advanced stage symptoms of bladder cancer in men

Advanced stage of bladder cancer symptoms in men are feeling tired, weight loss, losing starving, able to urinate, legs, swelling and back pain.

This bladder cancer patients advised to take an examination of the level of PSA. If the physician finds elevated levels of PSA, then there is a chance to develop prostate cancer. If a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer, then they have to take care of prostate cancer.

A recent study shows that cancer patients bladder has a high percentage (6.7%) to get prostate cancer than the general population.

Diagnosis for symptoms of bladder cancer in men

Diagnosed bladder cancer is through a variety of ways. Different tests are often advised to detect bladder cancer in urine, urine cytology, ultrasounds, MRI CT Scan, Cystoscopy & biopsy. New biomarkers such as the fish were used in some cases today to detect cells of bladder cancer through a urine test. The most advanced diagnostic tests to detect cancer of the bladder is the UroVysion, BTA & ImmunoCyt. However, the most successful of all the Cystoscopy & cytology.

Treatment for symptoms of bladder cancer in men

A lot of the time, women suffered mild bladder infections may not even experience these symptoms not taken seriously. However, there is a need to be cautious for any of these symptoms in men. To decrease the symptoms, antibiotics and self-care measures can use.

➤ Use of antibiotics

The bacteria usually cause bladder infection agents, and therefore treatment usually involves the use of antibiotics.

➤ Self-care Remedies
Increase your intake of water. You should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. It would be better to avoid excessive caffeine, sugar, etc. The cranberry juice also known to reduce pain symptoms of bladder cancer in men infection. Wear cotton clothing will increase air circulation and help in discouraging the growth of bacteria. Avoid tight clothes and wet bathing suits.

Bladder infections can also occur if you are not able to empty the bladder. This condition could be due to a bladder stone. In such circumstances, you should seek medical help to get rid of bladder stones. Men should make sure that they seek medical assistance as soon as signs appeared. While medicine therapy can be helpful in reducing symptoms of bladder cancer in men, precautions can assist in lowering the risk of urinary tract infections in the future.