Symptoms of Binge Eating

symptoms of binge eating
Signs and symptoms of binge eating disorder

Many people overeat every day, and they often eat much more they should. Eating significant amounts of food, however, does not mean that someone has a binge eating disorder. Most people with grave junket has some problems the following symptoms of binge eating that happen once a week at least two until three months

Although the binge eating disorder not yet accepted as a formal diagnosis, many experts agree that over consumption is a serious problem that affects millions of people. It characterized by some of the typical symptoms. Binge eating disorder is not the same with the occasional binge. Many people eat too much once in a while. Who does not already have a stomach ache after a huge Thanksgiving dinner? Then how about symptoms of binge eating?

Physical symptoms of binge eating disorder:

Physical symptoms resemble the symptoms of any person who is overweight. Binge eaters have a tendency to gain weight and are likely to suffer from many health states correlated with being overweight, including diabetes, Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart problems, and kidney problems.

The emotional symptoms of binge eating disorder:

Anyone can develop the disorder binge eating, regardless of race, gender, age, or weight. It was believed to be the most common eating disorder in the United States While women are slightly more likely to have it. More than six million Americans-2% of male and female from 3.5% will have this condition at some point in their lives. Men are more likely to have in middle age. Among adolescents, 1.6% had symptoms of binge eating.

The emotional symptoms of binge eating disorder are unique, and this is what distinguishes those who are overweight or obese from eating binge.The most notable symptoms are:
-Open the emotional difficulties of the past that act as triggers to Watch episode
-The shame and embarrassment that beautiful coupled with disgust yourself
-Depression and guilt
-Lose control

Behavior symptoms of binge eating disorder:

Due to the nature of the disease, This symptom was forced to change their social behavior. So they can party when they feel the need. Binge eaters are obsessive about food that they need. They may even go so far as to fantasize about the foods they like, focusing on texture and the smell of food. Because they eat in large quantities and high speed, they are very secretive about the episode party and prefer to party when they believe they will not get caught. Thus, they can keep the secret from friends, family and even their spouses. Binge eaters go to various lengths to hide or dispose of food containers.

Exaggeration can overcome with proper treatment. Awareness and a strong desire to get rid of these habits can help begin the process of therapy. By overcoming binge eating disorder, the victims were able to control their emotions and build sound eating habits. As a result, they will lose weight naturally and fast.