Surinam Cherry Health Benefits

surinam cherry health benefits
Health benefits of Surinam cherry

What are the surinam cherry health benefits? Surinam cherry (Dewandaru) plants is a member of the family Myrtaceae and come from the East coast of South America. Plants related to Syzygium Samarangense generally used to plant fence. It has many beneficial compounds for our health.

Surinam cherry contents

Surinam cherry fruit has considerable usefulness though in fruit size classified as small. However, this fruit can prevent oxidative damage result from the process of free radicals.

What are free radicals? Free radical is a compound of the electron does not have a spouse on the outer orbital. So, these things make nature destructive and unstable. Besides to preventing the free radicals, this cute teeny fruit also proved to be able to prevent cancer or tumor.

To prevent free radicals, antioxidants benefits from fruits and vegetables can be eaten regularly. Before knowing more about the surinam cherry health benefits, Let’s refer to the chemical content of the surinam cherry below.

It has phenolic compounds and flavonoids. Monoterpenes (75.3%) is the highest content of Volatiles in surinam cherry. Other compounds include Cisocimene (13.4%), trans-beta-ocimene (36.2%), and also the beta-pinene (10.3%). In volatile extracts of the fruit also found the therapeutic content like Selina-1, 3, 7 (11)-Trien-8-one. This allows the fruit to have therapeutic benefits like leaf extract.

Surinam cherry health benefits

1. Antioxidants

Carotenoid compounds contained is very useful as antioxidants. Antioxidant substances in fruit used to ward off free radicals that enter the body. This substance is not only found on the fruit but can be found on the leaves as well.

The environment we live in is currently filled with fumes and cigarette smoke can result in the formation of free radicals. However, This free radicals can decrease the resistance of the body.

2. Antibacterials

surinam cherry health benefits
Surinam cherry health benefits

Not only fruit and leaf, surinam cherry seed also has benefits for treating diseases such as diarrhea. The proteins contained in the seeds of this fruit used as anti germs that could inhibit germs cause diarrhea.

3. Health benefits of surinam cherry for pain reliever

Besides to the antioxidant, the leaves also have other functions as a cure rheumatism. The content of essential oil in leaves of surinam cherry could work as pain relievers like the pain in joints.

4. Reduce blood pressure

Leaves and fruit of the surinam cherry also used to reduce blood pressure as well as improving the quality of astringent. Also, it utilized for lowering cholesterol and lipid metabolism.

5. Surinam cherry health benefits for Prevent cancer

Cancer is a disease that considered eerily among the public. So, a lot of research being done to find the cancer medications. From the results of studies, proves surinam cherry health benefits used to cure cancer.

6. Accessories

Not only from the leaves and fruit, the surinam cherry timber also utilized. It processed into accessories such as rings, necklaces, Rosary beads, and bracelets. Of course, it can also bring forth coffers dollars for people who intend devoted to it.

Generally, consume this fruit can maintain body health. Because of intake of acquiring a compound gradually. surinam cherry also utilized as a deterrent to osteoporosis, tumors, as well as damage to blood vessels.

Development of surinam cherry plant is very useful. Moreover, this plant can grow in various parts of United States. The goal of the surinam cherry development improved in the future. So, some of the surinam cherry health benefits may be useful and beneficial.