Stage 4 Prostate Cancer Symptoms

stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms
Stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms

The origins of prostate cancer are prostate gland but if not detected right away or not treated immediately affects a variety of nearby organs such as the anus, testicles, and others in three stages. However, the scatter when the cancer cells to several organs such as the liver, lungs, or bones. Then it is known as stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms or metastases. The treatment requires a variety of therapies that need to be given the aggressively.

Stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms may include:

Frequent infections
Blood in semen
Painful urination
Erectile dysfunction
Bone pain
Swelling in the feet

The cause of the stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms

Physicians are not sure what causes prostate cancer Stage 4. Stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms occurs when prostate cancer grows large enough to engage the nearby organs, such as the urinary bladder, or when the cancer cells of the prostate and the other sections of the body. Prostate cancer cells that spread beyond the prostate traveled to most often:

Lymph nodes

Treatment for Stage 4 prostate cancer

When the patient has reached stage 4 prostate cancer, then he should try radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and others but to no avail. In this example, Androgen deprivation therapy worked to shrink the prostate gland and to slow the progression of cancer. However, the medicine is controversial because different opinions from several scientists; They claim it does not cure but only a way to delay the rapid growth of cancer cells.

A secondary hormone prescriptions have given to increase the therapy result. Through hormonal changes suppressors that have tried before. Also, a patient can go for aggressive chemotherapy in a desperate move to destroy cancer cells that have spread to several organs. Chemotherapy including pills that can reduce pain and anxiety, especially in patients who do not come back.

For patients who do not respond to some of the therapy, the physician may advise them to take some of the clinical trials where new medications. This step could be the last chance the patient to fight stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms and can help researchers to complete a course of therapy that used in future patients suffering from stage 4 prostate cancer.

Stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms have two categories depending on the level of the tumor:

Stage 4 or D1-the tumor has spread to pelvic lymph nodes. Also, it has obstructed ureters. Stage 4 or D2-spread of the Tumor (metastasis) to lymph nodes outside the pelvic area, bone involvement, or spread over much of the body.

Medications to Localize stage 4 (D1 prostate cancer)

When the tumor has entered the nearby organs, wanted to contrast the bladder, rectum or spread to lymph nodes in the pelvic area, surgical procedures not useful. The combination of external beam radiation therapy with hormone therapy highly approved for remedy. Male hormone needed to remove prostate cancer in hormone therapy. Hormone therapy with radiation therapy given together if the stage 4 prostate cancer symptoms localized.

Cure for Metastatic stage 4 (D2 prostate cancer)

Prostate cancer spread to other organs can be treated with standard therapy now. However, metastatic prostate cancer has treated with hormonal therapy for years.