Sprinkler System Inspection

sprinkler system inspection
Visual inspection of sprinkler system

The automatic sprinkler system is an absolute lifesaver. But like all mechanical equipment, this system needs to maintained to provide the greatest protection. So, it is important to do sprinkler system inspection.

Sprinkler system inspection requirements

Sprinkler systems have many components which obstructed by particulate or corrosion. Eventually leading to a blockage or leak with the potential to cause a system failure. This danger develop internally so that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Without periodic sprinkler system inspection and maintenance, the system may fail when called. Then, causing a building to burn to the ground despite good intentions and investment management. It is not enough to have a fire protection system; a system that maintained is a must.

Property manager to provide a strong incentive for sprinkler system inspection is correct. The NFPA took a significant step in the year 2002 by the mandate of the internal examination of pipes. Also, the components inspection all systems no less than 5 years. Guidelines for examination referred to as the NFPA pamphlet 25. It calls to action that helps in the detection of occult risks posed by foreign materials that could compromise the system. These foreign materials may include MIC, rust, mud, and debris from the household water supply.

Internal inspection of sprinkler system

A sprinkler system inspection will detect the corrosion to help keep the system functional. This sprinkler system inspection can be done visually with a professional-quality sprinkler. Also, an independent consultant who uses coverage and testing laboratories. This sprinkler system inspection may include:

As part of the internal examination, the pipes may also be excited if foreign objects detected. The basic ingredients are organic can identified with the right to determine the correction. Which will make the system fully functional. While inspection is hard and potentially dirty jobs. The sprinkler inspection can only be done by a qualified professional. Also, they usually did without interrupting on weekdays.

Special attention must guarantee to a system that draws water from municipal sources hard water. Hard water can cause an excess of mineralized which can block pipes.

5-year sprinkler system inspection

All hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities and in the country under the jurisdiction of the IDPH. Also, this can all applicable NFPA codes and requirements. Recent experience shows that IDPH has stepped up the inspection requirements. With consequences for those who fail to comply.

Individual insurance companies have specific codes for sprinkler system inspection. That must follow to keep to the terms of their policies. All the property owner or manager must be sure to check with their insurance carrier regarding specific requirements.

Comply with the guidelines of internal inspection five years NFPA. Also, brought the positive financial return. The building covered by the sprinkler system receive discounts on insurance. Also, it may receive additional discounts with sprinkler system inspection every five years. Most importantly, regular system inspection brings peace of mind that the fire protection system will do their job to save people and property in case of fire.