Spikenard Essential Oil Benefits

spikenard essential oil benefits
Health benefits of Spikenard essential oil

What are the spikenard essential oil benefits? Spikenard oil used as perfume, drugs and religious completeness. This oil comes from a flowering plant of the Valerian family. Also, it used as a natural herbal remedy to treat insomnia, stress, digestive problems, and infections.

The spikenard essential oil used to treat sleep problems, depression, and nerve problems. The stem of this plant taken internally to cleanse the uterus and help treat disorders of menstruation.

Compounds on Spikenard plant

Spikenard is growing in the Himalayas Nepal and India; and found at an altitude of around 3,000 meters. Spikenard grows to a height of about 1 m and has bell-shaped flowers. Spikenard is recognizable because it has many hairy spines that jutted from the root.

The stem of the plant, called a Rhizome, crushed and distilled into essential oils that have an intense aroma and yellowish.Then, Spikenard oil having a heavy, sweet, woody and spicy, which resembles the smell of mildew. This oil mixed in well with frankincense, geranium, vetiver, and myrrh oil.

According to research, the essential oil obtained from the root of spikenard. It showed antimicrobial activity, antifungal, and activity of anticonvulsants. The Rhizome extracted with 50 percent ethanol shows hepatoprotective properties.

Spikenard essential oil benefits

1. Fight bacteria and fungi

Spikenard essential oil benefits stop the growth of bacteria on the body. On the skin, apply spikenard oil on wounds to kill bacteria and heal wounds faster. In the body, spikenard essential oil benefits help to treat a bacterial contamination.

This essential oil is known to effectively treat nail fungus, cholera, and food poisoning. Spikenard essential oil is one of the most active inhibits species of bacteria that is commonly found in the feces of animals.

2. Relieve Inflammation

This essential oil beneficial for health because of their ability to fight inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of many diseases as well as dangerous to the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems. Inflammation is known to play a role in allergic diseases such as asthma, arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

3. Relaxes the mind and body

Spikenard oil has a relaxing effect and soothes the skin as well as the mind; so it used as a sedative agent. This oil also serves as a natural coolant, so it clears the mind of anger and aggression.

The research also shows when some of the essential oils mixed a sedative, the response looks more significant. It especially when mixed with galangal, borneol and patchouli sandalwood essential oil.

4. Stimulates the immune system

Spikenard is capable of boosting the immune system with soothing the body allowing it to function properly. Spikenard is a natural hypotension, so naturally lowering blood pressure. High blood pressure occurs when the pressure in the arteries and blood vessels become too high. So, the artery walls become distorted, causing extra pressure on the heart.

Long-term high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. Spikenard oil is a natural remedy for high blood pressure because acts as an antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress.

5. Promote hair growth

Spikenard essential oil benefits able to promote hair growth, maintain the natural color of hair and slow the rise of grey hair. However, A study of the year 2011 measured the ability of the spikenard oil to stimulate hair growth. In this study, the raw extract, fractions, and isolated two compounds tested for hair growth activity. The growth of hair tested in rats Wistar females. Before the research begins, Shaved fur in mice with an area of four square centimeters.

The results showed spikenard oil stimulates hair growth activity. With extracts of crude oil, spikenard is more effective than pure oils.

6. Relieve Insomnia

Spikenard essential oil benefits that could alleviate insomnia problem. Soothing properties and laxative spikenard can be beneficial to sufferers of insomnia. It makes the body more relaxed and reduces feelings of restlessness.

7. Relieve Constipation

Spikenard essential oil benefits can stimulate the digestive system. It helps decrease constipation accompanied by a variety of symptoms such as bloating, back pain or fatigue.

8. Protect the uterus and Ovaries

Spikenard essential oil benefits purify the uterine and ovarian. Also, it stimulates the secretion of estrogen and progesterone. This capability helps keep the reproductive ability of the vital organs. Spikenard oil has used in traditional medicine as uterine stimulants for treat menstrual pain. This oil can also keep the menstrual cycle regularly, and serves as a natural remedy for menstrual cramps.