Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

signs and symptoms of ptsd
Signs and symptoms of PTSD in soldiers

PTSD is a disorder in which a person who has experienced the stress of weight because the big traumatic events that occurred in his life. Then, what is the signs and symptoms of PTSD?

Knowing signs and symptoms of PTSD are important because it has a tendency to stay active and do not surface for an extended period. Develop PTSD depends on the nature, severity, and duration of the trauma experienced, as well as events that occur as a result of trauma.

So how do you know if you live a PTSD? Traumatic events common cause people to experience signs and symptoms of PTSD include rape, attack, a car accident, death of a loved one, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or severe injury.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of PTSD you may be showing?

Return suffered a traumatic event through nightmares or flashbacks, emotional numbness, relationship problems, vulnerabilities, social alienation from others, or increased anxiety, guilt, anger, and passion. Physical symptoms include nausea, fever, decreased energy, loss of appetite, or a severe migraine. Symptoms of PTSD usually decreases over time and with individual time to recover, but in some cases, the symptoms never disappear.

At one point in time, PTSD seen as a severe disruption for not is expected to become common in the community. However, especially after the War in 1975 ended and veterans return home, psychologists recognize that veterans have symptoms that are far longer than anticipated. This indicates that more people have the possibility of experiencing signs and symptoms of PTSD than one might initially think. This has implications for the overall health of the nation’s large and important for everyone to be aware of the signs and symptoms of PTSD to confront him with it or help loved one get through one.

Signs and symptoms of PTSD on our kid

Do you have any kid? Studies have shown that TV shows that exposing kid to violent or traumatic events increases the chance of children developing PTSD. Why? Kid have a hard time distinguishing fact from fiction. they are still learning about the wonders of the world and require more life experience to distinguish between pure fantasy and fact explicitly. Watching violent or traumatic incident on TV, kid have difficulty realizing that things they see will not inhibit the function of everyday.

How many kid sleep with their light on because they are afraid of the dark or the monster under the bed? For kid, the monsters depicted to them, not only on TV but in books as well, is a fact of life.

It is without a doubt that PTSD tax body, heart and soul to the most and probably one of the hardest things to overcome in life but it must be addressed. If you think that you may be experiencing signs and symptoms of PTSD tell your doctor to find the best suited to help you. Remember the events that happened, talk about how you feel, and realize that sometimes things happen in our lives is beyond our control. Surround yourself with people who love You and are looking for a support group. If you are facing a very difficult time in your life because of a traumatic event, odds are you are not alone!

The worst thing you can do is to avoid the situation is not the answer to avoiding the traumatic events that have happened in your life. Come to terms with the reality and gain control over the situation that happened.