Signs and Symptoms of Colitis

signs and symptoms of colitis
Signs and symptoms of colitis

The signs and symptoms of colitis usually surface before you reach under 31. And can be accompanied by diarrhea and blood in stools. Blood in your stools are often indications of colitis but if there is no diarrhea could mean something else. Without the proper test, you won’t know whether or not the colitis. So make sure that if you have bloody stools that you don’t jump to conclusions. Get tested to find out what causes it and what you can do to cure it.

What is Signs and symptoms of colitis?

Signs and symptoms of colitis depend on the amount you are an inflamed colon and what is the intensity of your inflammation. There are various types of colitis and those identified by the part of the colon that is inflammed. For example, if only the inflamed rectum and anal bleeding just your symptoms it called ulcerative proctitis. There are more severe cases when the signs and symptoms of colitis include pain and bleeding from Your rectum.

When the other parts of your colon affected by colitis some symptoms may include cramping, diarrhea, and inflammation of the rectum. When left your gut infected you can experience pain on the left side of your belly and weight loss. If the entire intestine infected with colitis called universal ulcerative colitis and you can have the same symptoms as discussed earlier but that symptoms can add as well. Like, fever, fatigue, and evening sweets. There is a harder form of colitis in which some of the symptoms include severe abdominal pain, frequent diarrhea, dehydration, bleeding and possible shock.

Possible cause of colitis

These conditions considered to  idiopathic in nature. Which means that it is developing its own without obvious reasons or external factors. However, specialists believe that certain factors may be triggering this condition, which given below.

Normal activation of the immune system
The immune system usually activates antibodies if the harmful bacteria, viruses, or any other foreign infectious agents enter the body. But in the case of colitis, the immune system in the intestine is activated, and it starts to attack the bacteria that is present in the intestines is advantageous. This condition ultimately causes inflammation and the development of injuries.

Genetic factors
Although 85% of people affected by colitis does not have any close relative is suffering from the disease, the remaining 15% have the family history of colitis. The fact that the disease is more common among the communities grew up near indicates the possibility that associated with genetic factors.

Alternative medicine for signs and symptoms of colitis

Apple Pie can help heal the inflammation of the intestines. Another home remedy for this condition is the juice of the leaves of the thigh. You can mix one teaspoon of the juice of the leaves of the thigh with the same amount of honey, and a glass of tender coconut water, and taking two to three times a day.

Buttermilk and coconut water has found to be very effective in reducing the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Ripe banana is also beneficial since they are easily digestible and has laxative properties. Rice mixed with curds, and ripe bananas make a nutritious and healthy food for the patients of colitis.