Signs and Symptoms of a Pregnant Woman

Signs and Symptoms of a Pregnant Woman
Signs and symptoms of a one month pregnant woman

Many women who want to become pregnant, or curious about signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman especially at the beginning, so they know what they should expect from their body in a State of pregnancy. Also, knowledge of symptoms of pregnancy will prevent any anxiety associated with new symptoms and get confused as to whether it is a regular feature of pregnancy or it caused by several disorders.

So here are some of the signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman:

1. Speed up

The perception of the fetal movement called Quicken. This happens around 17-19 weeks in the first of pregnancy. The movement of the stomach may be confused with Quicken. Therefore, the perception of fetal movement alone is not conclusive signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman.

2. Changes in the breast as signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman

Important symptoms are breast pain or mastodynia which can be in the form of a mild tingling for frank hurt. The cause of this is the high level of acting on the mammary glands with prominent veins and resultant swelling of the breast hormones.

Maybe amazing to know that there are several ‘ secondary ‘ breast also present in some women, such as in the armpits. This also hidden breast enlarge. For example, generate a feeling of a lump in the armpit area.

Enlargement of the glands around the nipple, also known as Montgomery’s tubercles usually lasted about 5-9 weeks of pregnancy and again due to hormone stimulation. Colostrum movements may start after 15 weeks of gestation.

3. Cessation of menstruation

Also known as amenorrhea, generated by increased levels of the estrogen and progesterone as a consequence of interpretation. Therefore, this is strong signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman who regularly has a regular menstrual period. In women who have unusual periods, this does not constitute a reliable indicator. Menstruation also delayed in cases of emotional disorder, chronic disease, some of the hormonal disorders of certain cancers of Genitourinary Tract.

In some women, spotting may occur due to bleeding at the site of implantation in the uterus from about seven days after fertilization until 34 days after the last menstrual period. Oddly enough, they undergo cyclic bleeding during their pregnancy that could not be described.

4. Nausea and vomiting

In 50 percent of the pregnant women, these signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman going on and more prominent around the 3 to 11 weeks of pregnancy. It usually worse in the morning but it can occur at any time of day. It can be accelerated by cooking smells and other spicy smell. Twin pregnancy and molar pregnancy, it is more severe. Prolonged vomiting may cause dehydration requiring hospitalization and medical care.

The symptoms controlled with dry and small light meals. There are some roles of high doses of vitamin B6 medicine. These symptoms caused by the level of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

5. Urinary tract as one of the signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman

Due to the increased circulation of the bladder and the pressure from the uterus enlarging, irritability of the bladder resulting in increased urinary frequency, even at night.

Signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman in above occur with various levels because of separate profile variations of Anatomy, Physiology, and hormones. This signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman more experienced in the first pregnancy. It is a common observation that if you know and expect these symptoms, you are more likely to enjoy your pregnancy.