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Managing Other Side Effects of Radiation Therapy for Lyric

Not everyone experiences side effects of radiation, but some do. Learn about common radiation therapy side effects now.
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Radiation for Breast Cancer – American Cancer Society Lyric

Possible side effects of external radiation. The main short-term side effects of external beam radiation therapy to the breast are: Swelling in the breast; Skin changes in the treated area similar to a sunburn (redness, skin peeling, darkening of the skin) Fatigue
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Side Effects of Radiation Therapy | Susan G. Komen® Lyric

There are side effects of radiation therapy to the breast. Some begin during treatment. Others may occur months or even years later. Short-term side effects. Most often, side effects from radiation therapy begin within a few weeks of starting treatment and go away within 2 weeks after treatment ends . Pain and skin changes
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Side effects of radiation therapy – Canadian Cancer … Lyric

Side effects of radiation therapy. Radiation therapy damages cancer cells. Healthy cells in the treatment area can also be damaged, even though steps are taken to protect normal tissue as much as possible. Side effects are caused by damage to healthy cells.
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10 Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation on the Body – Healthline Lyric

Breast cancer refers to cancer that begins in the cells within your breasts. It can spread from the breasts to other areas of the body, such as the bones and liver. As a rule of thumb, see your doctor if there are any changes to your breasts. Read on to learn more about the effects of breast cancer on the body.
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