Side Effects of Botox Around the Eyes

Side Effects of Botox Around the Eyes
Side Effects of Botox Injections Around the Eyes

Nowadays, Botox injection became more popular for the eye wrinkles. It’s more important that women understand the various possible side effects of Botox around the eyes from treatment. Women seeking Botox treatments as they age for a variety of skin around the eyes complaints. For many people, it is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Others want their face looks firmer, tighter and younger.

Side effects of Botox around the eyes

Botox has used more in the last couple of years and not as invasive as a plastic surgery. But, Botox is not without risk. As with any medical treatment, there are risks associated with the treatment. Most of the side effects that fall into the category of disruptive more than anything else, but they still need to pay attention to.

Some side effects of Botox around the eyes which may include the following:

1. Sick around the eyes
Some people who get Botox reported pain at the place of injection around the eyes. While the expected pain during the procedure, many patients surprised that they have eternal pain. This pain may last for several hours. If, however, it lasts longer, it could be an infection, the other side effects are possible. In this case, patients should contact their doctor.

2. Eyes drooping

In one particularly ironic development, some people report getting Botox injection. While they get eyes drooping from the Botox procedure. While this can be scary, and it’s certainly contrary to the effect of the patient is looking for, very likely temporary.

Experts say that the eyes drooping may occur when Botox injected near the eyes. Because that’s the area we often wish to look younger, Botox injections many times near the eyes. In some patients, this may cause temporary drooping in the eye area, including the eyelids, but it should not last more than a few hours. And the desired effect then it should be clear that tighter and tighter around the eyes.

3. Infection
As we mentioned before, the pain could be a sign of side effects of Botox around the eyes. Although this is not common, some patients may be suffering from the infection at the place of injection. This may be likely to occur at only 1-3% of the patients who received Botox.

Avoiding side effects of Botox injections around the eyes

It is very important that the patient follows the instructions given when they have Botox injection. The following instructions can go a long way towards avoiding infection and complications from it.

Of course, if side effects of Botox around the eyes become a concern, Botox may not be the best choice. There are definitely many natural things you can do to avoid Botox. Taking care of your skin around the eyes by eating well and getting plenty of water, which nourishes and hydrates your skin.

When you see after either, you can avoid many of the negative effects of aging of our skin by taking care of your skin. Also, looking after it before it drops and develops lines.