Safety Tip of The Day

safety tip of the day
safety tip of the day manufacturing

Do you wonder why is safety necessary in the workplace? The safety of employees is critical not only for the well-being of employees but also to ensure a better productivity. Safety tip of the day must be our daily program to ensure the workers stay tune.

We are all aware of the security threats that may arise due to the interference of machines and equipment. However, what gives rise to greater concern is the threat coming from colleagues. This threat comes in the form of physical, bullying, exploitation, or coercion. Here is some safety tip of the day that can make a safe working environment.

General safety tip of the day for the workplace

The workplace must keep clean from any chaos. This situation not only prevents unwanted accidents, but it will also increase the productivity of employees. Workers should also be encouraged to maintain their workstations are clean and organized.

Have a great maintenance program for all machines in the workplace is the valuable safety tip of the day.The leader should keep out for any machine which has suffered wear and tear. The machine must repair or replace immediately. Damage to the machine because it uses cannot be ignored.

The next safety tip of the day about a particular job.The leader should give clear instructions about how to do specific tasks. If the work involves some risk, ensuring that employees have the appropriate training to do the job. The safety instructions have to include wherever possible. It is important to inform the worker and the supervisor if the potential dangers found in the workplace. Try to limit the entry of employee for that area until the problem solved.

Employees have to get a train to use the safety equipment whenever necessary. If the work involves working with something dangerous, then they should use all necessary safety equipment. Management must guide the proper use of protection equipment to employees. Employees should report, regarding security gear is damaged or is not appropriate.

Make emergency contact numbers are available to every employee. Thought activities out on a regular basis. The next important safety tip of the day is all employees know the location of protection equipment in the workplace. First aid boxes must store in a place that is well within the range of workers.

Safety Tip of the day for electrical safety

Electronics are very useful, however, if the safety standards not followed, then the equipment can cause serious accidents. Consider the following tips on electrical safety in your workplace to avoid accidents caused by electricity:
Install all equipment according to the guidelines of the manufacturer.Mark any electrical circuit breaker or fuse with the name electrical instruments served by the fuse.Use a non-conductive plug. Make sure that the wire size of the extension cord that is suitable for being able to bear the overload. The extension cable must use only temporarily. Permanent installation must not compromise with extension cords. Make sure that all electrical equipment is properly grounded. Always get a certified mechanic to fix or lay electric wires or installation.

Safety tip of the day for against violence

Hold the following workplace violence safety tip of the day:
Supervision must set zero tolerance policy against violence in the workplace.Then the management must identify the behavior of employees before hiring. Aware of the violent behavior displayed by an employee then report to relevant agencies soon.

Safety Tip of the day for Fire Safety

The fire used in some workplaces, particularly in industry, where it always applied in the production process. Here is the following fire safety tips for the workplace:
Fire extinguishers must installed reachable of the employees.
Install fire alarms in the appropriate place in the workplace.
Every employee should be aware of the area where the fire extinguishers and know how to use it.
Hold fire drills periodically. Fire safety experts have supervised the practice.